PUBG Mobile Lite 0.20.0 update has arrived with a lot of new features and changes. You will need to change your strategy as well as your weapon combinations a bit to win. Here are the top gun combinations to get Chicken Dinner in this game after the latest update. Check them out below with

M416 & AKM

M416 is always one of the most favorite guns in all PUBG games, including PUBG Mobile Lite. It's not only stable and powerful but also versatile. It can deal with all short, middle, and long-range combat. AKM is a very powerful AR that uses 7.62mm ammo. Therefore, it has a great ammo penetration rate.

M416 And Akm
M416 And AKM will be a great combo for tankers in a squad.

Therefore, AKM is a beast weapon in short and mid-range combat. AKM and M416 is the best weapon combination for tankers in PUBG Mobile Lite who often engage first and in front of the squad with a quick and powerful attack.

UMP45 & M416

If the first gun combo is a nice choice for tankers, UMP45 and M416 would be the best gun combo for supporters in PUBG Mobile Lite. To play as the best supporter in your squad, you will need a reliable and stable gun combination. As introduced, M416 is one of the most stable guns for mid-range combat.

Pick Up An Ump45
Pick Up An UMP45 If You Are A Supporter.

Besides, UMP45 will be the most reliable gun in short-range combat. This SMG has very low recoil and sound. Therefore, you can use it to support your teammates to clear the rest of the enemy squad.

AKM & DP-28

If you play the role of a tanker and you are good at controlling gun recoil, you should use AKM and DP-28. An advantage of this gun combo is that they use the same type of ammo. Therefore, you only find one ammo type only.

Akm Is A Powerful Weapon In Pubg Mobile Lite
AKM Is A Powerful Weapon In Pubg Mobile Lite

DP-28 is pretty stable and reliable with pretty low recoil. Moreover, this light machine gun has a large ammo clip of 48 bullets per load. You don't need to find an extended mag for this gun.

M416 & AWM/M24/Kar98k

This is a recommended gun combination for snipers in a squad who are responsible for long-range enemies. Moreover, the sniper is also a great cover for tankers because they can protect tankers from enemy snipers who are out of the tanker's range. AWM is the king of SR but it's very rare.

Awm M416
If you cannot find an AWM, you can use M24 or Kar98k instead.

M24 is a better choice because it has great damage and a slot of an extended mag. Therefore, you can attach a quick-draw extended mag to increase the ammo capacity of this SR. Or else, Kar98k is also a powerful SR with great initial bullet speed.

M416 & SKS/Mini-14

It's also a great choice for snipers in PUBG Mobile Lite. With this gun combo, you can clear enemies at all ranges with an Assault Rifle and a Semi-Sniper. SKS is a bit more powerful with higher DPS points and higher bullet penetration.

Choose A Weapon Combo
Choose A Weapon Combo Based On Your Squad Role

However, Mini-14 is more stable and reliable. Its ammo capacity is also higher than that of SKS. Moreover, both Mini-14 and M416 use 5.56mm ammo, so it will be a great combo in this game.

M416/AUG & Groza

It's another combo for tankers and aggressive players in PUBG Mobile. AUG and Groza are rare ARs that only spawn in the airdrop. You should find a suppressor for Groza to use as the upgrade version of UMP45 that is stable, reliable, powerful, and silent.

Groza And Aug
Groza And AUG are very very rare that are only spawned randomly in the airdrop.

AUG and M416 function the same in this combo because you can use either of them as the primary weapon for 1v2 or 1v3 clutch.

M416 & Mk14

If the airdrop doesn't give you AUG or Groza, it can bring you an Mk14, a beast DMR in all PUBG game. You need a compensator and a quickdraw extended mag to clear the map with Mk14. Although this DMR has limited ammo capacity and huge recoil, it's one of the most powerful guns in PUBG Mobile Lite with high DPS, bullet speed, and rate of fire. You only need 3 to 4 bullets to send an enemy to the lobby.