Free Fire offers a set of guns with different features for different ranges of combat. You need some powerful, balanced, and versatile guns to take the enemy down quickly to get Booyah. Here are the top of guns and pro tips to use them to get Booyah.

Top Guns To Win In Free Fire

Choosing a decent gun is very important to win in a battle royale game like Free Fire. Here are five guns you should master to get Booyah in this game.

  • MP40 - This is the most popular and powerful SMG in this game. It's also the gun with the highest rate of fire and accuracy in Free Fire. Therefore, it ensures that you can shoot accurately and take the enemy down quickly. MP40 is very stable and easy to control with very low recoil. This gun is most effective in open space and short-range combat. But you need a lot of SMG ammo because it often runs out of bullets quickly.
MP40 is the best SMG in Free Fire
  • M1014 - This shotgun is a beast weapon in short-range combat because it has huge damage. It's better than MP40 in close-range combat inside buildings. It's the best gun for rushing house and eliminating campers.
M1014 is the most powerful shotgun
  • AWM - It's definitely the king of sniper rifles in this game with the highest damage per hit. You can take down an enemy with only one hit. If you get an AWM, you can make one kill in one shot. But AWM is very rare which you can only find in the airdrop. Besides, it's not effective in short and mid-range combat and squad clutch. Therefore, you should use it in solo matches.
AWM - the gun for one kill one shot
  • M60 and AK47 - These two ARs are the two most powerful assault rifles with the highest damage. AK47 is the best gun for quick kills in short-range combat with the auto headshot feature. But it has huge recoil in medium-range combat with moving target. In this case, you should switch to M60 which is better more moving combat and has lower recoil.
AK47 has the feature of auto headshot
  • Famas and SCAR - They are two gold-tier weapons with a high rate of fire and wide effective range. But they also have huge recoil, so you need to use attachments to make them more stable. Pro players can tap to fire with high accuracy with Famas.
M4A1 is the most popular and balanced gun
  • M4A1 - It's the diamond-tier which is the most balanced and powerful. It's also stable without attachments. Besides, M4A1 has a great firing rate and low recoil.