The Battle Royale genre is no stranger to gamers around the world. It was first introduced to a broad audience by PUBG, but now Garena Free Fire has completely taken over the mobile BR scene. The game features fast-paced gameplay as well as various unique traits that set it apart from other titles. However, being a massively popular game, Free Fire can be very competitive. Players always strive to give their best and claim the highest ranks.

To improve your gameplay, learning new tips and tricks from pros and skilled players is crucial. Speaking of tips from skilled players, Ajjubhai, aka Total Gaming, has just shared some of his knowledge on how to secure more headshots in Free Fire. If you don't know who Total Gaming is, he is one of India's biggest Free Fire content creators. As of now, his Youtuber channel is sitting at 19.9 million subscribers and counting.

How to Land More Headshots in Free Fire by Total Gaming

Check out these tips to get more headshots in Garena Free Fire by Total Gaming

#1 - Dragging the Crosshair

To land more headshots, players should pay a little attention to how they drag the crosshair. Slightly drag the thumb in the upwards fashion when shooting can make a visible impact. It makes landing shots on the heads of foes so much easier. Yet, this technique may take some time to master. As the saying goes, "Practice makes perfect!".

Drag Headshot Free Fire
Drag the crosshair to land more headshots

#2 - Get the Sensitivity Settings Right

The sensitivity settings can not be overlooked. They affect your aim in Garena Free Fire, hence, to land more headshots, you must have the perfect settings. According to Ajjubhai, the recommended settings are as following:

  • General: 47
  • Red Dot: 50
  • 2X Scope: 82
  • 4X Scope: 86
  • AWM Scope: 0
Total Gaming's Recommended Sensitivity Settings
Total Gaming's Recommended Sensitivity Settings

#3 - Use Gun Skins

Gun skins aren't just for decorative purposes in Garena Free Fire. To a certain extent, they do influence the performance of weapons in the game. The reason is that some of the weapon skins come with a stat buff. Therefore, players should definitely take advantage of this feature for their own benefit.

M4a1 Genos Free Fire
Exploit the gun skins