Tower of Fantasy, the biggest rival to Genshin Impact, has launched yesterday. The game's open world map comes with a lot of unique mechanisms and brain-whacking puzzles. While you can figure out the answer to these locks by yourself, it might be a better idea to just input the right password to save time.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase all the locations and correct passwords for the Electronic Lock, Deconstruction Device, and Exploration Points solution in Tower of Fantasy.

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Passwords in Tower of Fantasy

All Passwords for Electronic Lock and Deconstruction Device (August 2022)

With this list, players should be able to solve all the passwords in one go instead of having to waste time coming back.

HT201 Shelter 85.0, 967.0 Electronic Lock 1647
The Lumina 788.0, 670.0 Electronic Lock 1024
The Lumina 734.0, 849.0 Deconstruction Device – PDC2 7268
Seaforth Dock 515.0, 768.5 Electronic Lock 3594
Miners’ Camp 376.6, 245.3 Deconstruction Device – PDC1 4753
North Seventh Day Forest -536.8, -448.9 Electronic Lock 2202
Navia -757.8, -569.9 Signal Station 5972
Navia -645.1, -849.1 Password Memory Puzzle 3344
Aarniel Fortress 380.7, -832.5 Deconstruction Device – PDW1 8521
Secret Aida Base Dawn Frontier 651.1, -1242.8 Code – locked Door 7092

How to complete Exploration Points in Tower of Fantasy

So far there are 5 different objects at exploration points in Tower of Fantasy. Two of them require an elemental Fire weapon - you will get one by playing an early story mission.

What to do at Chowchows

To deal with Chowchows, just lift the Water Elemental Core nearby and throw it at the flower. It would eat the core and spit something back out, which is usually a Black or Gold Nucleus.

Tower Of Fantasy Blue Flower Featured 1024x576

Sometimes the core is hidden and players need to find it.

What to do at Tar Pits

Players can clear these tar pits if they have a fire weapon. Upon attack, it'll begin to melt, and you can get access to whatever is inside—usually, a Black or Gold Nucleus.

Tower Of Fantasy Tar Pits 1024x576
Tar Pits

What to do at Dandelions

Players can hit the Dandelion exploration point for it to release seeds. If you look closely, inside one of the floating seeds is a Black Nucleus. Try to shoot it down or hit it in the air to collect.

Tower Of Fantasy Dandelion Exploration Point 1024x

What to do at Glowshrooms

Glowshrooms are the most challenging Exploration Point to figure out. When you come across these giant blue mushrooms, they emanate purple particles, and that is all. What you need to do is bounce on top of them in a specific order. For example, in the image below, we bounced from smallest to largest and got a Black Nucleus for our trouble.

Tower Of Fantasy Glowshrroms Exploration Points 10

What to do at Kerosenia

Kerosenia is the name for the strange red bowls that are pulsating and found at Exploration Points. All you need to do to get the item within the oil is set it on fire. Once down, wait a few seconds and interact with the item!

Tower Of Fantasy Kerosina Exploration Point 1024x5

Check the video guide below to find out how to solve all the early puzzles in ToF.

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