Unlike Genshin, new characters in Tower of Fantasy are tied to weapons. These weapons lets players don the Simulacra provided by the weapon or the embedded AI recreations of the renowned heroes found throughout Tower of Fantasy’s lore. Therefore, in this article, we will use both weapons and characters interchangeably.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete guide to Tower of Fantasy tier list for August 2022.

There are three tiers of weapons/characters in ToF: SSR Weapons, SR Weapons, and R Weapons. Only the first two provide players with characters or simulacra - they are the equivalent of 5 and 4 star characters in Genshin.

Tower of Fantasy tier list August 2022

Tier Character
S Samir, King, Cocoritter
A Crow, Tsubasa, Huma, Ene, Nemesis, Meryl
B Shiro, Zero, Claudia, Echo, Pepper
C Cobalt-B, Bai Ling, Hilda

S Tier

S tiers are the current best characters in the game that all players who are rerolling should aim for.

Tower Of Fantasy Characters Samir 900x506
  • Samir is the best DPS so far, with great maneuverability. She is also a ranged character which is much easier to play compared to the melee ones.
  • King is the best shieldbreaker in the game, who can also apply extra debuffs on top of that. His burns counter healing, which can be useful in later content.
  • Cocoritter is the best healer in the game, which makes her the best support character and a must-have for hard content.

A Tier

A Tier is made up of strong or interesting characters, but they do not excel in their job as much as the S-tier characters do. However, these weapons are more than good enough to start the game out.

Tower Of Fantasy Characters Nemesis 900x506
  • Nemesis, the cover character of ToF, is a good all-rounder and one of the best characters for new players to start out. She can both deal damage and healing at the same time. However, her jack of all trades nature makes her a bit weaker than the S tier.
  • Huma is a fun character to use, with the ability to deal damage in axe mode and stun enemies in shield mode.
  • Meryl is a great tank - she is the 2nd best shieldbreaker in the game after King and can gain armor while attacking. Her animation is a bit slow, however.
  • Tsubasa is a good support character with decent utility and damage buff, in exchange for her less than impressive DPS.
  • Crow is an excellent DPS character that excels at aerial attacks. However, his strength is also his weakness, as positioning makes him rather tricky to handle.
  • Last but not least, we have Ene, who is the best SR character currently in the game. She is a tank with the ability to freeze and cc enemies fairly consistently. Her A tier placement also takes into account her SR nature - players can get more copies to advance her abilities.

B Tier

This tier consists of mostly middle-of-the-pack SR characters, and the bad SSR characters that need lots of investments to be good.

Tower Of Fantasy Characters Shiro 900x506
  • Shiro, Claudia and Zero provide decent shieldbreaking, DPS and support, respectively. However, players need to advance them first, which means it would be a while until they reach their full power.
  • Pepper is a great budget healer who can serve the role until you pull a SSR character with healing ability.
  • Echo is the first character you get in the game for no cost - it is likely that you would get multiple copies of her very early. She is a decent shieldbreaker and can buff your ATK when doing it.

C Tier

C tier contains the weakest characters currently. However, this does not mean that they are useless - all the 4/5 stars are viable, depending on the situation. The SR tier characters are easier to acquire and will definitely serve you well enough until you pull someone of SSR rank.

  • Cobalt-B is not weak - the reason she is in this tier is that players need to invest a lot to really unlock her full potential. Even then, there are plenty of other SSR characters that  her job better.
  • Bai Ling and Hilda are the weakest out of the current SR line-up.

Tower of Fantasy gacha system explained

The standard banner has a starting 0.75% chance for an SSR Weapon, with up to a 2% chance overall. SR Weapons start with a 1% chance and eventually go up to 12%.

Those chances are even lower in limited banners, which has a 0.3% chance on SSR Weapons, and a 3% chance on SR Weapons.

However, the game has a pity system. The standard banner will throw you a guaranteed SR or SSR Weapon after 10 rolls, and you’ll receive a guaranteed SSR Weapon after 80 rolls. This pity system is only for Gold Nucleus and Red Nucleus banners. It does not transfer between banners, unlike Genshin Impact.

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