Coming from indie developer Gadgets Gaming, Lazara Battle Heroes is a newly released turn-based idle RPG with a fantasy setting. It offers a pleasing aesthetic reminiscent of comic books and a sizable story campaign featuring medieval cities, heroic champions, and mysterious evil forces at play. Check out its trailer below:

The combat is said to have successfully struck a perfect balance between depth and accessibility. At the moment, there are 17 distinct characters to recruit, each and every single one offering his/her own fighting style and special abilities. The developer also has plans to expand this number to 30 in the future, which will no doubt keep the battles fresh and exhilarating.

The story of Lazara Battle Heroes is your typical fantasy fare. A great evil has now emerged, and it is up to you to recruit valiant heroes to fend off this threat and save the kingdom. While the premise is nothing we haven’t seen before, the unique art style and inspired character designs do make for an engaging presentation.

Lazara Battle Heroes Android Screenshot Necromance 108e_wm
Plenty of heroes to recruit

When you are not out there completing quests or exploring the depths of monster-infested dungeons, you can send your heroes into training. This is where the cleverly-implemented idle elements of the game come into play. Lazara does not rely too much on these idle mechanics, though, which makes it appealing to both casual mobile gamers and veteran RPG fans alike.

Needless to say, you will also be able to equip your champions with weapons and other items that you obtain during the story or in dungeons. Online multiplayer is present here too, allowing you to lend a hand to your friends if they encounter a tricky quest or seek help from others yourself.

Lazara Battle Heroes Android Screenshot Menu Cd1c_wm
A pleasant art style

Lazara Battle Heroes is available right now on Google Play for free. Of course, that means in-app purchases are to be expected.