Typoman Mobile is an innovative puzzle platformer with an interesting setting and unique mechanics. The game’s world is a dark and unwelcoming place full of shadowy figures, kind of similar to that of the highly-acclaimed Limbo on PC. You are a lone figure in the midst of all this, and you don’t know who to trust. Fortunately, you have a special gift that might be the key to help you survive: You can craft words and turn them into reality.

Typoman Trailer

Right off the bat you are thrown directly into this bleak setting, and there are numerous different letters lying all over the place. By gathering these letters and rearrange them to create words, you can alter the environment around you and overcome various challenges. A very simple example of this is presented to you right at the beginning of the game to introduce you to this mechanic – think of it as a tutorial of sorts: You encounter a door that you can’t pass through, but all around you are letters, so you gather a few of them: E, N, O, P, bring them in front of the door, and rearrange them into “OPEN”. And boom! Guess what? The door is now open for you to pass through.

Craft world to interact with the environment

Of course, that is just the very basics. As you progress, you will encounter more complicated puzzles. At one point you’ll come across a lake blocking your way, with the word “rain” hang above it. Very close to it is the letter “D” hanging on a rope, so you must swing on the rope to connect the D to “rain”, turning it into “Drain” and thus draining out the lake.

One thing to note, though: These words can also work against you too, so be careful and avoid brute-forcing, otherwise the result might be detrimental!

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A dark and mysterious world awaits

With creative puzzles and an eerie and captivating world design, Typoman Mobile is an intriguing adventure that fans of puzzle games should not miss out on. It is currently available on both Google Play and the App Store for free.