Since the dawn of mobile gaming, when you were controlling your Snake on Nokia 1997, the industry has had it's high and low. However, always there during the entire process of development are technological advancements which have helped the mobile gaming market reached its cap value of 138 billion dollars by the end of 2018. Gone are the 128*128 back and white screens of Nokia, nowadays it is the 2K or 4k touchscreen smartphone with hardware rivaling that of consoles.

So in 2019, what will be the next technological achievements for mobile gaming?

Rise to the same level as PC and Console

Upcoming Technological Advances In Mobile Gaming I
PUBG mobile

They always talk about the limit of mobile games that they could not be on the same quality level as those on PC and consoles. At-large this was quite true because, for many years, mobile games were developed and played as casual games intended for casual player - not like the kind of game you usually play on other platforms.

But this is already becoming not true anymore in 2018, due to the release of PUBG and Fortnite as mobile games with the graphics that as engaging and beautiful as the PC and console versions. Therefore, other developers will realize the true potential of mobile gaming and high-quality games will become more accessible and cheaper for the audience on the mobile platform. Moreover, with the coming 5G networks - online gaming on mobile will be better than ever.

Mobile gaming/ gambling

Upcoming Technological Advances In Mobile Gaming I
Online mobile gambling

Aside from the usual and popular games on mobile like Candy Crush, PUBG or Fortnite, this industry also has a vibrant side market - the mobile gambling. With new technological advancements, there are also new possibilities for online slots, some have sizeable jackpots and others even have progressive jackpots.  Also, thanks to the big change in the US government this year, states are now able to legalize betting on sports if they want to. This is a huge milestone for mobile online gambling in the US.


Upcoming Technological Advances In Mobile Gaming I
Big mouth: Mobile voice control game

When talking about new technologies for games, we must mention concepts like virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR). But the utmost forward is voice control, which is leading the way in changing the mobile game world with many voice control game already existing on the market.

Let's hope for a happy new year with many new advances in the mobile game industry!