Video game developer and publisher Super Evil Megacorp made an announcement on Monday that the free-to-play mobile MOBA game “Vainglory” is getting big update titled update 4.0, which will see the game releasing on PC and Mac in early 2019. The console versions will also be coming later in the same year. Moreover, when those ports arrive, they will have full cross-platform supports and competitive parity.


Kristian Segerstrale, CEO of Super Evil Megacorp, believes that gamers are always gamers regardless of what platform they play on. Thus, all deserve to play together. He says the company is working towards a future in which gamers can play with, and compete against, anyone, anywhere. To that end, Super Evil Megacorp wants to offer gameplay parity across all kinds of devices, be they smartphones, consoles, PCs, or next-generation devices.

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The developer also said that the “Vainglory” ports will maintain the same strategic depth, precision control, as well as high-quality graphics. Furthermore, as Super Evil aims for competitive parity across all platforms, all eSports play will also support cross-play from 2019 onward. To demonstrate this new feature, the developer is organizing a PC vs. mobile show match during the Vainglory World Championship Finals, which takes place in Los Angeles on December 16.

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Additionally, Super Evil is teaming up with Chinese game studio NetEase to support the big 4.0 launch in the country. Segerstrale said that China has turned into “a cauldron of innovation” in the mobile game industry in the past few years. With this partnership, Super Evil not only wants to bring the different versions of Vainglory to Chinese gamers but also to learn from the local market to achieve global success.

Update 4.0 will also add several other new features, such as better communications, event-based game modes, and more. Interested players can sign up on the Vainglory official website to participate in the open alpha and get a unique reward.