Three adventurous mountain climbers are on their way to explore a freezing mountain. With just its sheer size, this snowy fortress is able to oppress any passerby who dares go near. However, that is not enough to discourage our brave explorers. Somewhere within these mountains lie the clues to an incredible and mighty lost power from the ancient times. Therefore, those who desire the power have no other choice but to head straight into the snow to know more. But it’s not as easy as you think it would be…

That is the premise behind the upcoming puzzle game Path of Giants. Throughout this game, you will get to experience a serene and stunning adventure full of icy cliffs and snow coves. You will have the control of the three explorers and need to think carefully to find out a way to organize them, get them to work together and deal with any obstacle on their way.

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You will control 3 brave explorers

Along the way, you will have to face many ancient ruins where a lot of long lost technology exist. To get pass them, you have to activate certain mechanisms.

However, they are a bit tricky to activate. You have to move boxes to the right positions or supply special pads with power. Furthermore, you even have to keep your explorers on the right tiles on some levels.

Get all 3 of your explorers pass the obstacles to get more clues about the lost power

Each of the puzzles requires the cooperation of the three explorers. Therefore, you have to utilize all of them and you can’t leave any of them behind.

You can find the power pads lying around the ruins, and they all have a color code. Only the respective explorer can activate them. Thus, you have to think carefully in order to get through 60 different puzzles in the total of 13 levels. The adventure ahead may seem long and difficult. However, you can make it through it all with enough patience.

Path of Giants will be available on Google Play Store and App Store. You can get it with 3.99 USD (Rs 285) starting from the 27th of August.