Yesterday, Krafton official announced the next mobile game of the PUBG franchise, called PUBG: New State. This unexpected event has sparked a wave of interest among Battle Royale fans around the world. To make things better, the pre-registration phase for the game has already started.

When rumors of an upcoming PUBG Mobile game surfaced last week, fans of the title grew very excited. Gamers in many regions can now start pre-registrating for PUBG: New State. However, it has yet to come to India. We would have to wait a little bit longer.

Speculations say PUBG: New State will probably go online globally very soon. Indian Battle Royale enthusiasts were heartbroken when the Government banned PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile in September 2020.

After the event, a new Indian-specific version of PUBG Mobile was announced in November 2020. Yet there is no information about its connection with PUBG: New State.

Fans Reaction Pubg New State Key Art
PUBG: New State Is Coming!

When it comes to the actual gameplay, PUBG: New State will be very similar to the original PUBG Mobile. The creators assure that mobile gamers will have ultra-realistic graphics.

PUBG: New State is set in the future. Players will also have the ability to customize their weapons. New features such as drones and combat rolls may be introduced to increase your chance of winning.

PUBG Mobile Fans React to PUBG: New State Pre-Registrations on Google Play Store

As expected, as soon as Krafton announced PUBG: New State, fans of the franchise swarmed to social media platforms to share their thoughts. And when they learn that the game had opened the pre-registration phase, the community just went ballistic.

Fans Reaction Pubg New State Gamplay
The Game Will Be Set In The Future

Some address the new announcement as a huge relief since they finally see some actual results of Krafton's efforts. But still, the number one question that everyone is discussing is whether PUBG: New State will be published in India.

So far, there is no information or leak regarding the Indian release of PUBG: New State.

Check out some of the comments on Twitter:

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