5G is the next step in the evolution of mobile gaming and it is set to transform the way we all enjoy playing games on our mobile device. Currently, we can all enjoy good 4G connections when playing mobile games but can you imagine what it would be like if the internet connection speeds were 10 times faster?

That is exactly what we are going to be getting with the roll out of 5G and it is extremely exciting. In fact, 5G download speeds are expected to exceed that of most home broadband connections and to have this available when outside the home is a tremendous advancement in mobile technology. So, given this information, what does 5G actually mean for mobile gamers?

5g Mobile Games
5G is the next step in the evolution of mobile gaming

Firstly, mobile games will download faster than ever before when using 5G. Some of the latest mobile games come in at over 1GB and the majority of gamers will wait until they are connected to a home broadband network before downloading the biggest mobile games. The reason for this is because downloading a huge game using 4G not only drains the battery but will also use a huge amount of data. The move to 5G means games a 1GB and over game will downland and install comfortably, without destroying data usage and draining the battery. So, if you see a great game you would like to download on your mobile device immediately, you can do so without any issues by using a 5G network.

Many of the leading mobile games require an internet connection to play, such as the games at an online casino. Mobile casinos need a constant Internet connection to run the games and this is especially true if you are playing a live casino game, with a real dealer. When using a slow internet connection, you can encounter buffering and long wait times at mobile casinos and other mobile games that require an internet connection to play. However, when using 5G, this will no longer be an issue and you can enjoy playing live casino games knowing you are in for a smooth gaming experience.

Latency often plays a role when participating in a multiplayer mobile game. Latency is the time it takes for an action you make to transfer to the game itself. For example, if playing a slots game, it would be the time between tapping the spin button and seeing the reels spin. 5G will see the introduction of extremely low latency gaming and this will be a massive game-changer for those who like to play multiplayer mobile games.

As mobile games continue to develop, we are seeing the introduction of virtual reality mobile gaming and this will also benefit from 5G. Two images must be streamed for virtual reality to work, one to the left eye and one to the right eye. Both images need to be high resolution to provide a high quality VR mobile gaming experience and 5G has the capability to deliver both images.