Genshin Impact and Ufotable are going to collaborate to release a special anime. Those who cannot play this game can still visit and explore the stunning world of Teyvat. Check out what you can expect to see in Genshin Impact anime.

Teyvat Stories

The upcoming anime of Genshin Impact will tell you a story in Teyvat. Aether and Lumine are two main characters in the anime according to the anime teaser.

In the trailer video, Aether and Lumine appear together hand in hand. It may imply that the anime will release the prequel to the game story when the twin hasn't been separated. No matter what it would unveil, players can expect to discover secrets of the game story.

Genshin Impact Anime
Genshin Impact anime is an interesting project in the upcoming time.

If you cannot play the game or have skipped the storytelling of the game and missed lots of important information, this anime will tell it again. It's a great chance for players and fans to enjoy and explore the Genshin Impact world.

Many stories are also unveiled, such as:

  • The fall of Khaenri'ah;
  • The foundation of FATUI;

There are many other forces and nations in Teyvat with tons of mysterious things to explore.

Fatui Stories
You can unveil many stories of the game.

Character Stories

Many new character stories that haven't been told in Genshin Impact would be featured in the upcoming anime. Players can go deeper into the story of each character like Collei, Cyno, Dottore, etc. It helps them understand these characters well before they officially come to the game.

In the anime, the story of these characters can be separated from the current story in the game now. Then, it makes the story of the anime interesting without spoiling the game content.

Lumine Genshin Impact
The stories of characters will be unveiled in a different way from the in-game storytelling.

New Land

Players will follow characters in Genshin Impact to explore new locations on the map. It makes players more excited and highly anticipated the upcoming update and content of the game. Moreover, the anime also expands your view of the Teyvat world from the past to the future.

Genshin Impact anime is an interesting long-term project. Just keep up with the schedule and plan of the game and anime maker and follow Paimon to explore the world of Teyvat in the anime version.

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