2018 was a blossoming year for gaming in general and mobile games in particular.

While PC and console-based games were still in the limelight, some of them are Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter Strike Global Offensive. Mobile gaming also had its fair share of attention with Clash Royale League World Finals and other tournaments.

The upcoming 2019 promises to be another great year for mobile gaming with some potential titles that can boost things up to another level.

Can H1Z1 On Mobile Be The Next Major Player?

H1Z1 on mobile

The last few years have seen battle royale games such as Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite dominate the vibrant eSports landscape. However, the majority of players still opt for console or PC when it comes to these games, making them unqualified to be considered mobile esports.

Things are getting better for this gaming style when the collaboration between Daybreak and NantWorks to recreate H1Z1 on mobile made the headlines. Many players believe that this could mark a new chapter in the growth of esports compatible with mobile devices.

There is no releasing date to hope for at the moment, but many think that the format will stay the same. Players will find themselves on a strange land. They have to find supplies and guns to survive. The ultimate goal here is to be the last person standing and to do that, you must take out others rivals.

H1Z1 on mobile devices may have a solid standing once it is out as it has the edge over other competitors.

The H1Z1 with a certain level of gruesomeness can be appealing to an older audience base while games like Fortnite limits itself to the young with the cartoon-like design. Another mature player in this field is PUBG. This game has been lately called boring, which makes H1Z1 even more attractive with a lot of actions in smaller play zones.

The best thing that makes players look forward to the game is that fact that it will be free. With a more mature fanbase, being free to play, and the fact that other players are running out of steam, H1Z1 is projected to be the next big thing in mobile esports in 2019.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades Is A Promising Game Title

Tes Blades Keyart 1440 0
The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Bethesda Softworks is known for Fallout and Wolfenstein. Although this year was rough for the company as it had to spend lots of its time and energy on warding off criticism that centered on Fallout 76, the releasing of The Elder Scrolls: Blades on mobile is expected to be the next step forward for the company.

Bethesda has not yet had a widely popular game title, but we certainly hope that Blades will become a success for the company, especially after their The Elder Scrolls: Legends Masters Series shows positive signs at QuakeCon 2018.

We will be seeing The Elder Scrolls: Blades early next year. From what we can make out from the trailer, the graphics of the game is absolutely stunning.

The format is still the first-person roleplay. Players have to find armors and weapons to save their hometown. Whether Bethesda aims high for this adaptation remains a mystery, but the Elder Scrolls fanbase is becoming more and more heated waiting to get their hands on this game title.

Could Mobile Gaming Find Its True Breakthrough In Asia?

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The Clash Royale League World Finals in Japan

If you limit your view to the Western market, mobile esports’ future does not look so bright at all. However, when considering what it has achieved in Asia, one can truly appreciate its full potential.

With Japan as the venue for The Clash Royale League World Finals and games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang being a sport in 2019 SEA Games, Asia has everything it needs to support the growth of mobile esports.

If you look at what titles like Giant Interactive’s Battle of Balls, you will see great success and popularity come from countries in Asia. The game boasts an impressive viewership of millions of hours in China when tournaments are going on.

This success comes down to the infrastructure that Giant E-Sports has built for Streetball, Battle of Balls, and Vainglory. So at least in Asia, we have reasons to believe that these titles will be the steppingstones for mobile esports to thrive in this region in 2019.