One year ago, at the stage of PUBG Mobile’s biggest tournament of the year, Vincent Wang, general manager of Tencent Games, has announced Erangel 2.0. The announcement was pretty much the most shocking and anticipated update ever for PUBG Mobile – promising a revamped of the most popular classic map Erangel. The graphical aspects of PUBG Mobile are going to be improved as well, with 2.0 including better texture, effects, graphics and overall quality.

Erangel 2.0 would improve the graphical quality of the map greatly

The announcement back then cited that the map is going to be updated “very soon”. Yet after one year, players still have no idea when the map is going to be released into the game. There is pretty much no information available from Tencent, except for a few vague replies.

What happened?

Tencent hasn't commented much about the topic since the announcement, despite numerous fan inquiries. On rare occasions like January this year, they said that it was still "in progress" and they want to make the map "to be the best it can be".

Pubg Mobile Chinese Erangel 2 Ghostgaming 15924680
The realistic version of Erangel

Since then, lots of new features have been added to PUBG Mobile – from a new TDM mode, Rage Gear Mode, Domination Mode, Infected Mode, various arcade maps, new weapons, events, and a lot more. The biggest addition to date is probably the new Livik Map, which was added just a few days ago. When asked about Erangel 2.0 while unveiling the new map on June 26, Tencent did confirm that the map is getting some “final touches”.

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The various designs for locations would be much more creative

What would happen now?

The reason behind Erangel 2.0's delays can either be technical difficulties (the 2.0 version is ported from PUBG PC's Erangel update) or even the Coronavirus Pandemic. With the massive delay, the initial hype for Erangel's remaster is nowhere to be found now - only a small part of the community actually remembers it.

It is probably time for the map to make a debut - it was just featured in PUBG Mobile's Chinese Version, Game for Peace. In the past, features introduced in Game for Peace would be released in the global version after a few weeks - this is probably not an exception. It is impossible to predict an accurate release date, however.

We would follow this topic closely and report back to you as soon as there is anything new - in the meantime, please check out this article to find out the best locations to find a sniper rifle on Erangel.