“Knights of the Card Table” is a new card-based dungeon crawler developed by the same team who made Tap Wizard RPG and Rocket Valley Tycoon. Now, you can play it on your IOS or Android devices by downloading directly from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Check out the trailer for Knights of the Card Table

While joining the “Knights of the Card Table” matches, you play the role of a hero trying to unlock as many weapons as possible to defeat your enemies and collect items in card form. There are 3 brilliant worlds waiting for you to explore, which contains more than one hundred dungeons littered about. The twist is that this is a card-based game, everything will appear on those cards , which means that setting up your deck would be an important part of the game!

5The line of cards in the game

In the game, when a player is going to face to face with a dungeon, the line of cards demonstrating which monsters will be shown in the screen along with which items might be collected. If you are unhappy with how the cards line up, you can choose to have the deck reshuffled.

Three mentioned world in this dungeon crawling card game are the Haunted Forest, Suburbia along with the Deadly Dojo. Each world is differentiated from its unique colors and how it looks. The environments and dungeon design of “Knights of the Card Table” really makes it looks cool as a cartoon on the weekend, highlighted with the vibrant art style.


The world in digital Knights of the Card Table game

Don't be afraid to face the terrible monsters since tons of weapons and shields waiting for you to unlock. The number of card combinations is uncountable and all up to your arrangement then!

Knights of the Card Table’s price tag is around 4.99 USD  (Rs 355) on the App Store. An Android version is available too, but that one is still in early access.