Wonder Blade, the hack & slash indie hit is coming to Android very soon. East2West is the publisher of the title, and they have just made an important announcement. Wonder Blade is coming to Android this summer, on Jul 4th.

Wonder Blade overview

In case you never heard about the title, it is kind of a beat-em-up game, but on steroids. The game is a mix of the action-adventure genre, plus some RPG elements. Expect a nice cartoon world to explore alongside a combat system in which you utilize tons of different combos to take down your enemies.

Wonder Blade
Wonder Blade, developed by Puppet Depot Games and published by East2West Games

Combos, weapons, outfits, skills

Indeed, the range of combos that you can unleash in this game is simply massive. You’ll first start off with standard enemies but later on, get ready to face massive bosses. But don’t worry, you’ll have a sword to wield and funny enough, a pig to ride into battles. Additionally, a wide variety of outfits and weapons are there to collect. Moreover, you can also unlock many different skills, too.

Wonder Blade
Wonder Blade has a cartoonish aesthetics that looks stunning.

Main features

Here are some of the best features presenting in Wonder Blade:

  • An exciting story to experience along your adventure
  • Flashy combos, spectacular finishing moves, and super smooth animation
  • Various stages and modes – it’s totally not just fighting bad guys with swords
  • Bosses: mini ones and massive ones
  • A first-time experience for you to ride a pig, a battlebot, or even a fire-breathing dragon to the battle
  • Various collectible weapons and outfits await
  • Badass skills to unlock and upgrade whenever you level up

In summary

Wonder Blade
Stay tuned for more updates from Wonder Blade.

A whimsical adventure, hilarious characters, amazing combats - Wonder Blade is truly an awesome experience not to forget. The game is currently on Early Access on Steam and is scheduled to arrive on the Goole Play Store on July 4.