“Home” is a horror-themed and thriller game that has attracted many gamers since it debuted on desktop and consoles in 2012. One year later, the developer of this game - Benjamin Rivers -  decided to bring it on the App Store in one year later. Benjamin Rivers also developed Alone With You in 2016, which is available on both consoles and desktops, but he never released a mobile version. Soon, he will release his latest game - Worse Than Death and it will be available on many platforms including PS4, Steam, Switch and iOS.

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Worse Than Death is the upcoming game of Benjamin Rivers

In the official game description, it should be clear that Worse Than Death will bring a horror and fear theme when a reunion of high school friends goes horribly wrong. Holly, a strong 28-year-old woman, is the character you have to play. Holly returns to her hometown to confront the horrific past she tried to run away from. However, she ended up having to face things far worse, a nightmare that she never could have imagined. She must try to rescue her best friend Flynn while fleeing from a horrible force pursuing both of them. Holly must try to survive and discover the truth of her childhood town, neighborhood, and herself.

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The game is a horror thriller

After watching the trailer of Worse Than Death, many people described it as an episode of X-Files combined with the dark theme of Riverdale. What makes this game more appealing is that the graphics look like comics and are beautifully designed. It is known that all these designs are drawn on the iPad Pro, which is incredibly impressive.

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It’s full of dark secrets, dread and dramatic surprises

In addition, the developer is now allowing players to help them write the story before they actually deploy it into the game. Specifically, they created a Discord server in which users can read the origins of a character named "Sam", an amiable bartender. Every week, people can vote on what Sam will do next. This will create a sideline story that is closely linked to the main storyline in the game.

There is currently no information on the official release date of Worse Than Death.