Yanfei is a 4 star Pyro Catalyst character in Genshin Impact. She is a DPS who can inflict Pyro easily in order to deal consistent Elemental Reaction damage. However, Yanfei needs a lot of support to reach her maximum potential, as her ER is rather low.

In this article, Gurugamer.com is going to showcase the best Yanfei team comps to maximize her support capability.

The best team comps for Yanfei usually include Xingqiu.

1. High-End Yanfei Team Comps

As Yanfei is a Pyro character, building a reaction team around her is rather straightforward.

Yanfei + Xingqiu Vaporize Team

YanfeiMain DPSWanderer's Troupe (4)C6 (if possible)
XingqiuSub DPS/SupportNoblesse Oblige (2) + Heart of Depth (2)C6 (if possible)
KazuhaSub DPS/SupportViridescent Venerer (4)Any
ZhongliSub DPS/SupportTenacity of the Millelith (4)Any

Yanfei and Xingqiu are the main combo of this team, dealing damage with Vaporize reaction. Xingqiu's burst can apply Hydro to enemies continuously for Yanfei's attacks to trigger. It is possible to replace Xingqiu with Mona - while her Hydro application isn't as good, she can deal much higher burst damage.


Kazuha's main role in this team is to swirl Pyro with the Venerer set to reduce enemies' elemental reaction. Furthermore, she also provides elemental damage boost and crowd control. Players can replace him with either Sucrose or Venti, but the latter would provide less damage.

Zhongli is a necessary pick to protect the team, allowing a squishy character like Yanfei to stay on the field long enough to deal damage.

Yanfei + Mona Vaporize Team

CharacterRoleArtifact SetConstellation Level
YanfeiMain DPSWanderer's Troupe (4)C6 (if possible)
MonaSupportNoblesse Oblige (2) + Heart of Depth (2)Any
AlbedoEnablerArchaic Petra (4)Any
ZhongliShield SupportTenacity of the Millelith (4)Any

Yanfei is the main DPS of this team, triggering Vaporize through Mona's Hydro support. Mona can also dish out some serious damage with her burst every time it is off cooldown.

Albedo is a good source for passive damage with his burst. Furthermore, in combination with Zhongli, he also provides the powerful Geo resonance that increases 15% of all damage dealt. Zhongli's role in this comp is a shield bot that provides protection to keep the team alive.

Zhongli Azhdaha

2. Mid-Tier Yanfei Team Comps

Yanfei Pure Pyro Team

YanfeiMain DPSWanderer's Troupe (4)C6 (if possible)
XianglingSub DPS/SupportNoblesse Oblige (4)C6 (if possible)
KazuhaSub DPSViridescent Venerer (4)Any
BennettSub DPS/SupportNoblesse Oblige (4)C6 (if possible)

This Yanfei team build does not rely on any reaction - players just stack enough buff so that Yanfei can dish out an appropriate amount of Pyro damage. Overall, it is recommended only if players already have Xiangling and Bennett maxed. They are both SS tier support characters with great damage and utilities. Yanfei also benefits greatly from Bennett's C6, which is actually pretty rare.

Kazuha's role in this comp is to provide elemental damage boost and crowd control, alongside swirling to reduce enemies' resistance with the Venerer set. As this comp purely deals Pyro damage, it is vital that you have an Anemo character with the set.


Yanfei Melt Team

YanfeiMain DPSWanderer's Troupe (4)C6 (if possible)
GanyuSub DPS/SupportBlizzard Strayer (2) + Noblesse Oblige (2)Any
SucroseSub DPS/SupportViridescent Venerer (4)C6 (if possible)
DionaSub DPS/SupportMaiden Beloved (4)C6 (if possible)

Yanfei is the main DPS of this team, triggering Melt with Ganyu's background support. Ganyu mainly deals damage with her elemental burst when it is off-cooldown. If your Yanfei is not strong enough, Ganyu can also serve as the sub DPS if needed.

Sucrose provides an elemental damage bonus for team members to increase melt damage. Furthermore, she can also do some crowd control to support the team. Diona provides shield and Cryo Resonance for Ganyu. Furthermore, she also serves as a battery for Ganyu & Yanfei's burst.

Ganyu Banner Rerun

3. F2P Yanfei Team Comp

This lineup is designed for complete f2p and new players who want to build a team around Yanfei DPS. As she is a Pyro character, making an effective reaction lineup around her is not really that hard. However, players should not invest in this lineup too much as they will get new characters eventually.

YanfeiMain DPSAnyAny
XianglingSub DPSAnyAny

Yanfei is the main DPS of the team, triggering Melt and Vaporize from Kaeya & Barbara's elemental application. Xiangling would serve as the off-field sub DPS, while unlocking Pyro Resonance alongside Yanfei.

Barbara would be the main healer of the team and apply Hydro for Vaporize triggers. Kaeya can spam his Cryo application for either Freeze or Melt when needed. He can also serve as a battery for Yanfei.

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