Yunjin is a new Geo character in Genshin Impact 2.4. Players can get this Liyue character for free from the Fleeting Colors in Flight event. There are a lot of ways to play with Yun Jin in Genshin Impact efficiently.

#1. Use Elemental Bursts First

Yun Jin's Elemental Skill is weaker than the skill of other characters like Chongyun or Beidou. But her Elemental Burst is useful and powerful without boosts. So, you should prioritize her burst and build it to give your team great support and damage buffs.

Yunjin Genshin
Yun Jin is very powerful.

#2. Choose Her Best Constellation Levels

Based on the role of Yun Jin in your team, you can choose the best constellation levels to build. She performs better when you activate C1, C2, and C6 points in her constellation system. At C1, her CD was reduced by 18%. At c2 and C6, Yun Jin's teammates also get Normal Attack buffs.

#3. Boost Her Energy Recharge

Though her Elemental Bursts are very powerful and useful, it drains her energy very quickly. Therefore, you should boost her Energy Recharge by equipping proper artifacts and weapons for Yun Jin. Favonius Lance is one of the best polearms that gives her great Energy Recharge buff.

#4. Collect Artifacts For Yun Jin

The most recommended artifact set you need for Yun Jin is Husk of Opulent Dreams. Collect four pieces of this set and equip them for her. This build will boost her Energy Recharge and defense stats massively, especially when you level up these artifacts.

Build Proper Teams With Yun Jin
Build proper teams with Yun Jin.

#5. Pair Yun Jin With Any Characters

Yun Jin can team up with any characters in Genshin Impact to support them. This character is very flexible and versatile, so you should use her in any team to boost other characters' Normal Attacks. Moreover, when her elemental react with Pyro, Cryo, and other elements, she will drop shield particles to protect the whole team.

#6. Use Yun Jin For Cooking

Yun Jin's passive talent for cooking helps Genshin Impact players a lot. If you still need to rely on food to make your characters stronger, you need some characters like Yun Jin who have special cooking abilities. They will give you bonus portions when you cook certain dishes. You will occasionally get bonus dishes when using Yun Jin to cook food.

#7. Utilize Her Normal Attacks

Unlike other characters, Yun Jin is always ready for combat right after obtaining thanks to her decent Normal ATK damage. You can also use items in your inventory to improve the performance of her elemental bursts and skills.

Yunjin Skills
Yun Jin has powerful normal attacks.

#8. Use Yun Jin As DPS

Yun Jin is a 4-star character but you can use her as the main DPS fighter. You need to give her the proper weapon to deal the highest damage to enemies. Besides, this Geo DPS will be more powerful and dangerous when you use proper supporters with her.

#9. Build Her Defensive Abilities

There is no perfect character in Genshin Impact. So is Yun Jin. Though her normal attacks and elemental bursts are very powerful, her defensive ability needs improvements. You can use weapons, artifacts, and teammates to increase the defensive stats.

How To Use Yunjin
Build her defensive skills.

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