Liyue Harbor is the main location of the current Fleeting Colors in Flight Festival. The harbor is decorated beautifully and spectacularly during the event. Let's check out what is on Liyue Harbor on normal days and at the festival.

I. Liyue Harbor at Fleeting Colors in Flight

Liyue Harbor has some new locations and activities. You need to go to meet Zhongli and some NPC on this harbor to complete the opening quests and unlock the event activities. Here are some activities you can take part in when visiting Liyue Harbor in Genshin Impact during the Lantern Rite festival.

Liyue Harbor
Liyue Harbor is very stunning and sparkling during the Lantern Festival.
  • Wondrous Shadows

Wondrous Shadows is a fun and interesting mini-game that requires your creativity. To unlock this mini-game, players need to complete the A New Star Approaches quest and The Crane Returns On The Wind quest. Then, you do and complete the quest The Bright-Windowed Lanterns Hide Their Shadows.

Besides, players need to reach Adventure Rank 28 plus to be eligible for this minigame. Next, you go to the North part of Liyue Harbor and visit Yuan Ron. Talk to her to unlock the game and take shadow challenges. There are only three challenges unlocked on Jan 25th, including the Censer, Ship, and Kite. Come back to this location in the harbor to see Yuan Ron, unlock and complete other challenges to claim more rewards, including Affluence Talismans and Primogems.

Lantern Festival
Find the NPC Yuan Ron in the Northern part of the harbor town to play the Wondrous Shadows.
  • Flameplume Starflowers

Launching Fireworks is one of the most enjoyable and exciting activities in the Fleeting Colors in Flight Festival. In this activity, players need to smelt the firework. The Production Challenge will give players a Launch Tube gadget. You can place the Tube in the Open World to smelt the firework.

Players need to manage the Height, Color, and Size of the firework. You can switch the smelting techniques and order to get the highest quality of the firework. The maximum quality is 3000, but you can claim all challenge rewards if your quality reaches 2700.

Flower Launching Game
Launch the firework in the Flameplume Starflowers mini-game.

If you visit Liyue Harbor now, you will see a lot of lanterns. It makes the harbor town more stunning and splendid.

II. How to get to Genshin Impact Liyue Harbor

Players will unlock Liyue, players need to complete a couple of Archon Quests, including:

  • Prologue: Act I - The Outlander Who Caught the Wind;
  • Chapter I: Farewell, Archaic Lord takes place in this nation.

Then, you can unlock the minimap of the whole nation by unlocking all the Statue of Seven in Liyue. There are five sub-areas of Liyue and Liyue Harbor is in the Sea of Clouds. To unlock the minimap in Liyue Harbor, you need to unlock the Statue of Seven between Lingju Pass and Dunyu Ruins.

Liyue Teleport Waypoints
There are three teleport waypoints in and around the harbor to get to the town quickly.

There are two Teleport Waypoints in the northern part and southern side of the harbor. Players can use these teleport waypoints to get to Liyue quickly. The northern waypoint is near the Wondrous Shadows location now. The southern waypoint is near the Adventurers' Guild.

There is another waypoint at the top of Mt. Tianheng. You can glide down to the north of the harbor town from this waypoint.

Harbor In Festival
Visit the harbor during the lantern festival to take part in interesting mini-games.

III. What is on Liyue Harbor Genshin Impact

There are many NPCs, facilities, and services in Liyue Harbor. You can buy many items or craft items when visiting this harbor town. Here are all shops, restaurants, and facilities in this town.

  • Mingxing Jewelry souvenir shop
  • Alchemy
  • Wanmin Restaurant
  • Blacksmith
  • Adventurers' Guild of Katheryne
  • Secretary, Ministry of Civil Affairs
  • Liyue Fishing Association
Mingxing is the owner of the jewelry shop in Liyue Harbor.

Apart from Mingxing Jewelry in the northern part, all of the other facilities can be found in the southern side. Apart from these main facilities and shops marked on the minimap, there are many food shops in this harbor, such as:

  • Second Life grocery shop of Dongsheng
  • Fish shop of Uncle Sun and Uncle Gao
  • Bolai hidden shop vendor
  • Chen the Sharp and Su Er'niang food vendors
  • Crafting Bench
  • Jade Mystery of Shitou
  • Artifact vendor Zhang Shun

In addition, you need to see many important NPCs that you can interact with to chat with them. They will need to see and talk to them during some quests. Liyue Harbor is very stunning now. Let's visit this town during the Lantern Rite Festival.

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