MCKC Studio has recently released its newest mobile game named Zero Fiction. It is already available on the Google Play Store, allowing all players to download it from right now.

Zero Fiction is a turn-based role-playing game (RPG). The combat of this game is similar to the video game Valkyrie Anatomia, where characters have their specific combat counters. For instance, if a specific character owns three combat counters, it enables players to touch on its portrait three times to perform a combo of three hits. 

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Zero Fiction game with a new and strange playing style.

The story of Zero Fiction takes place in a fictional city. The world has been changed; one day, a mysterious teleport gate appears bringing with it lots of monsters from various dimensions. At that time, the world's heroes begin to stand up, gather, and build teams to fight these monsters and investigate the reasons behind all this. 

Zero Fiction
Investigate the reasons behind all the problems

In the beginning, you start by choosing one of the three main characters with different action style and picking a stage to get into. With a simple design and playing style, it is not difficult for you to get familiar with the core mechanics. Your task is simply entering the screen and wiping out those who bar your way.

Zero Fiction Gameplay

So what should you do to show your skill and get the highest score? 

  • Control your team to beat your enemies.
  • Carry out fancy and impressive combos to improve the evaluation on your combo.
  • Boost your characters.
  • Resolve the world's problem.

Zero Fiction is slightly graphic-intensive. Therefore, if you are playing the game on your older Android device, it potentially can not run smoothly. So investing for a new Android device to satisfy your interest in this game is not a bad opinion.