The mobile gaming scene of India has gone booming in recent years, especially in the Battle Royale genre with games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. The rising number of mobile owners plus the widespread of Internet connection facilitate the exponential growth. Yet, we can’t deny the contribution of content creators to the thriving community. Creating new and appealing content to attract a consistent audience is a tricky task. But no quite so if you possess a great sense of humor. 

Troll Video
It appears like he's actually playing

In a recent YouTube video, one man showed the world what he can do to create humorous content. He single-handedly took on a solo-squad challenge in PUBG Mobile, hoping to be featured on the viral tab. However, things did not go as planned and the creator found himself exposed as an “imposter” for miserably failing. While others may fall down to their knees embarrassed, some rise to the occasion and use it as a comedy bit.

Let’s See How Things Transpire for This YouTuber

The video kicks off with the player apparently standing near a house in Georgopol as he spotted a squad coming in a UAV. He performs his expert skill to gun them down, rotates to take cover inside the house, and reposition himself. He manages to singlehandedly take down almost all members of the enemy squad. 

Somehow it cuts to another clip of him trying to take on a different squad. Unfortunately for him, that’s when things go South. His stream reveals a YouTube video that he is playing and the player doesn’t seem to know what to do. So, he exits the fullscreen mode on his browser to expose a Tacaz’s video on YouTube.

Kayum Rimon
Meet Kayum Rimon from "Jhamela Kingdom" channel

Another YouTuber by the name of Tacaz uploaded a video titled “NEW WORLD RECORD | 43 KILLS SOLO vs SQUAD | PUBG MOBILE” which was being used by the streamer.

Of course, Redditors immediately went for an all-out hunt for the YouTuber who failed in such epic proportions on air. After the investigation, they confirm that it was a comedy bit uploaded by a Bangladeshi YouTuber known as Kayum Rimon. He’s a part of the comedy channel called “Jhamela Kingdom”. Kayum Rimon runs the channel along with 5 other creators. It currently has 1,200 subscribers and generally uploads comedy content. This video was initially uploaded to Facebook by Rimon himself as a gag on Facebook. It was later posted on Reddit.