Born in 1985, the Indian actress Sayani Gupta easily becomes the center of attention whenever she appears on the screen. Both the critics and the audiences can’t resist falling in love with her brilliance via stunning pics and movies.

Sayani Gupta Magazine

Once again, Sayani Gupta has unleashed the madness amongst the netizens on social networks after she showed off some pics taken by Mellow Drama. Fashion stylist Shreeja Rajgopal helped bring a breath of fresh air to the Calcutta-based actress’s photos. In a bright yellow striper pantsuit, Sayani Gupta looks gorgeous and young.

Sayani Gupta
She looks so stunning and lovely in this pic!

For those unknown, Sayani Gupta is the daughter of late Kamal Gupta and Maitreyi Gupta. Her father was amongst the pioneers who helped bring FM radio to India.

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Sayani Gupta made a debut with the 2012 movie Second Marriage Dot Com as the role of Poonam and received lots of positive reviews from the critics. One year later, she played a blind Pakistani Bangladeshi lesbian activist Khanum in the movie project Margarita with a Straw. This 2013 movie helped her win some awards across the world.

Sayani Gupta Model

In addition, Sayani Gupta takes part in some web series and short films such as Inside Edge, Kaushiki, Four More Shots Please!, Leeches, The Proposal, Red Velvet, and Shameless. She is also known as a singer who performed some songs in the web series Four More Shots Please.

Sayani Gupta Stripes

Fans all know that she has a special passion for travel, folk music, dance, and photography. She didn’t just graduate from the Film and Television Institute of India but she is also well-trained in modern, contemporary, and Bharatnatyam dance.

Now, let’s take a quick look at her latest pics!

Sayani Beautiful

Sayani Black

Sayani Black White

Sayani Candy

Sayani Face

Sayani Fashion

Sayani Gupta Nature

Sayani Pink

Sayani Saree

Sayani Vest

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