Along with lakhs of women across the world, Elizabeth Hurley or Liz Hurley, aged 55, has joined the feminism challenge on Instagram by sharing her own selfies to the netizens.

Liz Hurley
Look at the stunning pics of Liz Hurley!

While staying at home due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the actress of the 1997 spy comedy film Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery took part in the Challenge Accepted - a hashtag challenge on Instagram.

Two days ago, she rocked the netizens when posting her black and white pic on her official account with a caption as below: "It’s the season of silly challenges, but this is a sweet one. Challenge accepted."

Elizabeth Hurley Bikini
No one believes that she is now at the age of 55.

And she also didn’t forget to tag three people as an invitation to this challenge. They included @lipstickkelly, @gazmoudeh, and @haseenajethmalani.

Accordingly, her black and white pic shows a young Liz Hurley who goes topless and cover her sensitive part by her long locks. Her fans immediately got dazzled by her sexy pic but some also guessed that Liz Hurley was seemingly wearing a wig because of how it fell down in front of her body.

Liz Hurley Thunder

There were more than 1.1 lakh of likes for this pic within one day and countless comments were flooded in the comment section. All can’t hide their love with the stunning pic and even one complimented that Liz Hurley is “the hottest woman in the world”.

Speaking of Liz Hurley, many fans immediately remember her son, Damian, especially when this guy was proud to boast about his ‘beauty’ inherited from his mom on Instagram.

Liz Damian Hurley
One of the latest pics of Damian Hurley, Liz's son.

Damian Hurley now works as a model and actor. He is the son of Liz Hurley and Steve Bing, an American businessman. Sources reveal that he is now on a vacation in Mykonos.

Shirtless Damian
Damian looks like his beautiful mom!

A few days ago, Damian posted a shirtless pic showing him staring down the camera and immediately unleashed the madness amongst the netizens. One asked how he could be so beautiful and another rapidly replied: “Look at his mum!” That’s true. Damian obviously inherits all beauty from his mom, Liz Hurley.