Back when MCU was making its first baby steps in 2008, there was nothing to ensure whether signing a deal with the franchise would make or break one’s career. The idea of creating an entire movie universe was unprecedented. Everyone that Marvel Studios contacted from Robert Downey Jr. to Chris Evans might have concerned that joining a series based on comic books could hurt their reputation. Hence, it would affect their chances of being viewed as award-winning actors. 

Chris Evans Robert Downey Jr. 1
Robert Downey Jr.'s And Chris Evans' contribution to the MCU is undeniable

Downey himself needed a big break. Years of combating drug addiction and jail time had broken his momentum. During the 2000s, most of Downey’s works were not so noticeable independent features. Getting an offer to play the billionaire superhero Iron Man was just what he needed. The appealing role also included a generous paycheck, far more in comparison to what he got back then. Chris Evans was apparently content during that period surrounded by rave reviews for his collection of populist movies. He would haven’t joined the MCU back in 2011 if it hadn’t been for Downey himself. 

Chris Evans seemed to have problems with the long-term MCU contract

When offered the role of Captain America to Evans in 2010, Downey had already starred in two MCU movies as Tony Stark, better known as the Iron Man. He knew that if the franchise continued to achieve success, they would need a better cast of appealing actors to play The Avengers. 

Iron Man 1
The Iron Man role was just the big break that Downey needed

Evans was unenthusiastic. According to a 2014 report by SyFy, he said the nine movie contract was too demanding as he was keen to perform more diverse roles. Eventually, Marvel Studios cut the deal down to just 6 movies. 

Then Robert Downey Jr. made a personal call to Chris Evans, explaining the potential benefits of taking part in the franchise. At that time, Downey was starting to earn big checks from his role as the Iron Man. The financial aspects were undoubtedly mentioned, but the selling point lay in his next saying. The famous actor reportedly said that the Captain America role would possibly replace Evans’ not so successful remarks in the Fantastic Four.

captain america
Evans' career bloomed after his role as Captain America

Downey actually had a point about the Fantastic Four. Evans would likely want to it erased from the record that he had played Johnny Storm, or Human Torch, in the series. 

In 2014, Chris Evans thought he would have left the MCU by 2017

The SyFy report above came out when The Avengers movies were just starting to bloom. At that time, Evans made a remark that he would probably work with the MCU until 2017, then moved his focus to work as a director. However, things don’t seem to go accordingly to his plan. We all know that Evans stayed through until Endgame in 2019. Then the actor went on doing more roles despite his previous career declaration of directing. 

Chris Evans 1 stay
Chris Evans stayed with Marvel Studios until 2019, despite his announced plan

While Chris Evans did direct a romantic comedy movie in 2014 called “Before We Go”, he continued to perform more roles in prestigious projects such as “Knives Out”. In a 2014 interview, he expressed profound gratitude to Downey for convincing him to join the MCU. 

Without the role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Evans said he would never have the opportunity to direct his own creation. The only challenge he has been facing since then is the typecast shadow of Captain America. Fans are so familiar with him playing the patriotic war hero Steve Rogers. From his latest movie Knives Out to the Apple TV drama Defending Jacob, Evans keeps on trying his best to overcome that shadow. 

robert downey jr top off
Robert Downey Jr. made his performance as the Iron Man so hard to top off

Chris Evans plans to star as the dentist Orin Scrivello, in the upcoming remake of “Little Shop of Horrors”. Other rumors also percolate about other Evan’s projects, but nothing comes close to that he had with the MCU. On the ironic flipside, Robert Downey Jr. seems to be having a little bit of a problem working in other things after his recent movie “Dolittle” flopped. His performance as Iron Man was so compelling that it will be a long road for him to top it off.

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