The young and beautiful actress Nabha Natesh has joined our movie industry since 2015, but she could only gain success and fame in 2019 with her Chandini role in the iSmart Shankar movie last year. After iSmart Shankar, our Bollywood actress also took part in 2 more music videos, which was another huge success for Nabha Natesh. Now, our 25-year-old Bollywood actress is ready to achieve bigger success this year than what she achieved last year. And right in January, her childhood dream has come true when she stared in Disco Raja.

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Disco Raja was released on January 24th this year, and the movie featured the legendary actor Ravi Teja as the male protagonist of the movie. This movie gave Nabha Natesh the chance to work with Ravi Teja, which she admitted that was her childhood dream (to be fair, all young Bollywood actors and actresses want to have a chance to work with Ravi Teja).

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Bollywood actress Nabha Natesh

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Nabha Natesh also confessed that working with Ravi Teja did give her much more experience than what she had expected at first. The Bollywood actress actually acquired her acting skills via Ravi Teja movies that she watched in the past, but experience from those movies can never be compared with a chance to work with Ravi Teja in real life.

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Bollywood actress Nabha Natesh

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About Nabha Natesh, she played a character with the same name as her in Disco Raja. Nabha in Disco Raja is a bank employee, with the job of approving loans to the customers. This is a totally new role for Nabha Natesh, as our Bollywood actress has never played any similar roles before, and our actress does value this chance. After all, the career of Nabha Natesh is still young, so she needs to gain a lot of experience from new roles. We all hope the best for the career of Nabha Natesh in 2020.