While there was no announcement was made about the next Deadpool movie, with the success of the previous movies in the franchise, we know for sure that "the merc with a mouth" will return to the silver screen. However, the next appearance of our beloved Wade Wilson on theaters will be the first one released under Disney - so many have worried about the movie being toned down from R-rated to PG-13.

However, on a recent interview, David Leitch - the director of Deadpool 2 - has said that there is currently nothing that was decided - regarding Deadpool's appearance in the MCU - or any changes in the rating of the film.

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The Director also shared that all the things he heard while he's at Disney about Deadpool are really positive.

Screenshot 2019 07 30 Ryan Reynolds Just Trolled F
Ryan Reynolds has troll the internet about Deadpool's appearance in the MCU

Meanwhile, Disney's Boss Bob Iger has also confirmed that the Marvel studio will continue doing what Fox has already done with Deadpool:

Last year, the franchise has experimented with what they could do if the movie was aimed at a lower rating like PG-13, with Once Upon a Deadpool. This re-release version of the movie has toned down the violence, as well as removed all the adult scenes.