Disha Patani is the top desirable woman of the year in India. Her Instagram account has reached a new milestone of 4 crore followers. Then, the beautiful actress continues to make our hearts race with the latest charming looks in a pretty yellow dress. She looks as sweet and joyful as tiny sunflowers on her dress. Check it out here with

Disha Patani Looks Sweet As Pretty Sunflowers On Her Charming Dress

The beautiful actress has got a larger number of fans. The follower count surpassed the milestone of 4 crores. Moreover, Patani is also an active Instagram user. She keeps updating the latest looks of her in daily life to keep in touch with her followers.

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The latest photoshoot of her in a pretty yellow dress continues to leave fans excited. Her sweet smile and dreamy expression make a lot of hearts race.

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Moreover, she salo sent her thanks to her Fanclub for supporting and loving her. Along with that, Paatni posted a video featuring her doing squats. It's not the first time she sharing her exercise moments of her on Instagram.

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Those sporty looks and sexy body shape of her are great stimulation for her fans to stay healthy and keep fit.

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She always looks beautiful and appealing when she doesn't wear make-up and performing outfits. That's why her fans also call Paatni as the "sunshine girl".

Last year, she worked hard and got great success in two Bollywood blockbusters, Malang and Baaghi 3 which were launched early this year. Due to the coronavirus outbreak and the lockdown, she had to pause her schedule for a long time.

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Disha Patani is resuming her shooting work when the pandemic peak is over. She will come in some upcoming movies, including KTina and Radhe. When waiting for her upcoming movies, let's take a look at some bewitching looks of her on Instagram.

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