Disney Plus has just unveiled its lineup of upcoming Marvel TV projects during the Super Bowl, one of the biggest sports events in America. During the 30 seconds teaser trailer, various snippets from “WandaVision”, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” and “Loki” were revealed.

Disney has been expanding its dominion into the streaming scene with various TV projects from its own franchises in the works. Every single one of their shows will be shown exclusively on Disney Plus. The previously mentioned three series would be a part of the expanded Marvel Cinematic Universe – they would be connected in various ways to the films.

“WandaVision” would debut in 2020, featuring Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen as Vision and Wanda Maximoff. In this shows, we would follow the two superheroes as they live their daily life in the American suburbs. However, with them being a powerful witch and a robot, everything is not what they seem to be. The footage showed both Wanda and Vision jumping into various timelines, with Wanda getting fitted with her classic comic Scarlet Witch costume.

Wanda in her classic costume

“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” would be available on Disney Plus Fall 2020. The events of the show would take place right after Avenger: Endgame, with Sam Wilson – the new Captain America and Bucky Barnes – Winter Soldier teaming up for adventures. The show would also feature various characters from the second Captain America movie, such as Baron Zemo and Sharon Carter.

10 Falcon Winter Soldier Storylines The Disneyplus
Both Bucky and Falcon have become Captain America in the comic before

“Loki” would arrive on Disney Plus next year. Similar to the previous shows, it would also pick up after the conclusion of Endgame. In this series, Loki by Tom Hiddleston would travel through time with the Tesseract to alter human history. His escape during Endgame has probably removed his death in the third Avenger movie.

Loki captured by the Time Police

Besides these three shows, five more Marvel series are also going to be on Disney Plus. “Hawkeye”, “She-Hulk”, “Ms. Marvel”, “What If…” and “Moon Knight” are in the works. Interested in more of our Marvel-related articles? Please check this post out for more information about the upcoming Eternals movie.