With the new plague spread all over the world, infecting hundreds of thousands, major events and releases in various parts of the entertainment industry are getting delayed. Previously, E3, the biggest gaming convention in the world was canceled. The last Daniel Craig James Bond movie was pushed back 7 months, Mulan, along with various Disney works are also postponed indefinitely as well. Finally, to participate in plague prevention and loss reduction, the producer has decided to delay Fast 9’s release for just a little bit under one year.


This is inevitable, as they have put too much money into fast 9 to back out now – it would be a disaster if a third party reason like the virus beating down on the movie’s revenue. Fast 9 was scheduled to hit cinemas on May 22 this year – the date was changed into April 12 instead. Currently, almost all main markets of the movie like the US, EU, China are already infected, with closed theaters everywhere.

The official announcement tweet from their Twitter handle

With big blockbusters like A Quiet Place 2, No Time To Die and F9 all experiencing heavy delays, it is pretty clear that more movies would follow suit. This delay would heavily influence the movie industry forward – all other movies in 2021 would get further delayed, in order to not be in direct competition with the big names. The revenue of the movie industry all over the world would drop.

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John Cena on the set of F9

There are ways to resolve this problem, however, and it is not a surprise that the Chinese were the ones who figure it out first. Due to the countrywide quarantine, new entertainments are in absolute demand. And because of that, the biggest producers of Chinese movies and media have decided to just premiere all their new movies online. While they would get less money this way, some money is still better than none.

Fast 9 would be released on April 2, 2021. For more information about the movie and the cast, please check out this post.