MGM, the producer of No Time to Die, has been hyping it up on a very expensive campaign, with the hope that the movie would break the all-time record for a James Bond movie. However, their efforts were met with a terrible blunder.

James Bond Coronavirus
Daniel Craig looks not half bad for a 52 years old man

Daniel Craig’s final rodeo as James Bond has been delayed due to the terrible prospect of the global plague, coronavirus. Previously tracked for an April release, the movie is going to be delayed for a whopping seven months. The reason behind this delay is probably one of the biggest markets in the world: the Chinese. Both the Chinese premiere and press tour were canceled indefinitely.


With the corona plague going global – even India has been infected, it is not a surprise that the producer decided to postpone releasing the movie. All of China’s theaters have been closed since the beginning of the outbreak, and other countries might eventually do the same. As all Bond movies previously relied on global draws, Universal and MGM definitely want No Time To Die to get the best position possible for success. Currently, Skyfall was the most successful Bond movie, with over a billion in revenue globally.

No Time To Die Ana De Armas Social
The next Bond Girl, Ana De Armas

Based on the announcement on the official Twitter account of James Bond, the movie is going to debut on November 12, 2020, in the US, with other worldwide release dates shortly afterward. They are going to be in a much more competitive window than before, with Eternals on Nov 6 and Godzilla vs. Kong on Nov 20.

Coronavirus continues to be a serious issue around the world, and a lot of entertainment events have been canceled because of it. E3, one of the biggest video game events, was on the verge of getting delayed. Mission: Impossible 7 paused production due to the outbreak in its filming location, Italy. DC Comics canceled convention appearances… and more.

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