The runtime for the next James Bond movie, No Time to Die, has apparently been leaked by a company named Regal Cinemas. Daniel Craig’s last rodeo as the iconic James Bond would apparently be the longest 007 movies ever made. At 163 minutes, it dwarfed Spectre’s previous record of 148 – a whopping one hour longer than the shortest movie in the saga, Quantum of Solace.

This extended runtime is not much of a surprise, given that this movie is hyped to be the final appearance of Daniel Craig’s Bond. Usually, final entries of series would be longer to cover all the plot threads and endings. Both the actor and the character have been wanting to retire for quite a few years now, with Craig complaining that he has grown too old and unfit for the physically demanding role.

No Time To Die Character Posters 1575548441
James Bond, the movie's Bond Girl, and the main villain

In No Time to Die, James Bond would come back from his retirement in Jamaica to aid his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA… one last time. From just a simple mission of rescue a kidnapped VIP, everything spirals out of control, leading Bond into the path of a dangerous new villain armed with advanced technology. Various characters from the previous movies would return – from Bond’s wife Madeleine Swann (Lea Seydoux) to the iconic mastermind of Spectre, Blofeld (Christoph Waltz).

With Craig’s departure, the future of the Bond franchise is unclear. Various actors are rumored to be considered for the role such as Michael Fassbender, Richard Madden, Tom Hardy or even Tom Hiddleston. While James Bond is a white Caucasian from the original Ian Fleming works, various non-white actors or even actresses are rumored to be picked for the role as well, such as Idris Elba or Lashanna Lynch, the successor 007 in No Time to Die.

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