Gal Gadot will play the lead role in her upcoming movie "Red Notice" with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Recently, she has taken a storm on the internet and made a lot of her fans go nut when sharing a picture of her flaunting her long sexy leg in a red gown.

Gal Gadot Flaunted Her Long Leg In Red Gown

The beautiful Wonder Woman's actress Gal Gadot is shooting her upcoming thriller movie "Red Wanted". The film also stars two famous actors Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

Gal Gadot 1
The three leading actors took a photo together in the film studio of "Red Notice".
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She updated a lot of pictures of her and the cast on Instagram.

The actress and the Red Notice cast are filming this thriller movie admit the coronavirus outbreak. Therefore, the casts and staff wore masks and remained safe distance if they could.

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Gal Gadot showed off her long leg in a sexy red gown and took a picture with supporters in the film crew.

Red Notice is the upcoming thriller movie that will come in 2021. This upcoming action-packed movie was set to release this November. However, it was canceled till next year due to some problems related to the budget.

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The film crew follows the safety regulation to make sure that they are protected from the pandemic.

It features the story of the world's greatest art thief, who is hunted and chased by INTERPOL. It's an exciting chase between the greatest policeman and the greatest thief in the world.

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The movie will bring you a lot of spectacular action scenes.

Gal Gadot will play the role of the greatest art thief in the world. Meanwhile, The Rock will play the role of the greatest tracker and INTERPOL agent who is hunting the character of Gadot. They seem to be opponents. Besides, Ryan Reynolds will appear as a conman.

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She also posted some pictures on her while shooting the movie.
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During the filming process, she posted many pictures of her and the film crew.
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They overcame the pandemic to make a great movie.
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The actress will come back to the large screen soon with Red Notice.

Here are the latest and most stunning looks of her on Instagram. Just take a look.

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