Right after Too Hot To Handle landed on Netflix, Harry Jowsey has rapidly become “famous” in this new reality dating show. For those unknown, the gameshow collects 5 hot boys and 5 sexy girls in a heaven island and allows them to gossip with each other, but any intimate gesture is banned if they want to get $100,000 at the end of the show.

The Aussie model and Francesca make the team lose $3,000 after a few first hours.

The contestants in the hope of having fun and finding love quickly got shocked by the odd rules of Too Hot To Handle. And the most shocked may be the 22YO model from Queensland, Australia, Harry Jowsey because he and Francesca Farago from Canada were two people who broke the rule for the first day.

A few hours after entering a luxury resort, Harry fell in love with Francesca and locking lips seems to be something unavoidable. They even spent 24 hours making love and kissing with one another until Lana - a virtual assistant of the show - revealed that what they did violated the rules of Too Hot To Handle.

What can be worse when two people like one another but can’t have fun? However, the worst thing was still behind. The 10-contestant team lost $3,000 for only a kiss. The fine was drawn from the final prize of $100,000. How expensive a kiss is!

The remaining 8 contestants mustn’t feel happy with both the rules and the couple.

As for Harry, he revealed that he cried and felt crazy. He even further said, “You couldn’t have done anything worse to me.” However, he later stated that his daring behavior was unrelated to what he had experienced on reality TV but it obviously helped him to prepare for what was coming in Too Hot To Handle.

Is it a kiss that is worth $3,000?
A few moments of the couple.


In an interview with Daily Mail Australia (LA), this guy said that he is always true to himself. The only good news for Harry may be, at least, that Francesca didn’t seem to feel pity about their kiss on the first day of Too Hot To Handle.