Too Hot To Handle is a new dating show on Netflix. With exciting format, amazing guests, and many hot scenes, Too Hot To Handle is attracting a great concern of the audiences. This show is one of the hottest programs on Netflix now. Moreover, this reality show also attracts the audiences by its exciting soundtracks. Today, let’s come and enjoy Too Hot To Handle song with

Too Hot To Handle Hindi

As briefly introduced, Too Hot To Handle is a reality dating show on Netflix channel produced by Talkback company. This show has eight episodes in total. The first episode was released last Saturday, April 17th, 2020. It gained great attention and both good and bad comments from the audiences. 

Too Hot To Handle Contestants
This is an interesting dating show on Netflix

The host of Too Hot To Handle show is a sexy MC who is called Lana. It’s an English-speaking show. The contestants joining the show must follow the format and the rule of Too Hot To Handle to become the winner and take money home after 8 episodes.

Netflix Too Hot To Handle
There are a lot of beautiful, sexy, and gorgeous contestants

One of the greatest attractions of this show is the dating format. Sixteen singles, both men and women, are contestants joining and seeking for the highest prize of $100,000. However, not all of them can go through eight episodes. Besides, the money will decrease if the contestants have any sexual contact during the show. A kiss takes $3000 from the total prize and sex takes $20,000. Those candidates are beautiful, sexy, interesting, and gorgeous. 

Too Hot To Handle was filmed on a beautiful island. Both the weather and the contestants are hot. Could they handle and win the biggest prize in the show? This reality show will bring you a lot of excitement and surprise as well as many hot scenes and also beautiful moments of couples. Besides, Too Hot To Handle is full of twists.

Where To Find Too Hot To Handle Song?

The exciting soundtrack is one of the greatest contributions to the success of this show. If you search the key “Too hot to handle song” on the internet, Google will give you a link to the rock song titled “Too Hot To Handle” of the band UFO. It’s a song from 1977’s album Lights Out by this music band. 

Too Hot To Handle song watch online
The show was filmed on a stunning island

However, if you mean to find the soundtrack list of this dating show, you should find it here. Sometimes, when you watch the show and hear fancy or lovely pieces of songs but you don’t know the exact name of it, you can find it from the list of Too Hot To Handle Song Original here.

This show uses a lot of pop songs with fancy and beautiful melodies and lyrics to make it more attractive. The series uses many songs that you will hear in different episodes. These songs were uploaded to Check out the song list here. With the exact song titles, you can easily search the Too Hot To Handle song lyrics on the internet.

Too Hot To Handle Song List

  • All I want is sunshine by Daniel Brecher and Rinat Arinos. This is a fancy song with a fast and exciting melody and simple lyrics. It also perfectly matches this dating show.
  • Blind by Katie Thompson and David Ericson. This pop song sounds very interesting. You will love it.
  • Everything’s sweet by Jason J. Bradshaw and Bazza Ranks. This reggae song was released in 2019. You can hear this Too Hot To Handle song on Spotify. 
  • Got me feeling good by Krissie and Karl Karlsson. It’s a modern soul-pop song with an R&B melody. It sounds really exciting.
  • True Romance by The Aftershow. This Too Hot To Handle Song Original is from the album “Burning Down The Neighborhood”. It’s presented by the Indie Electro-Pop band The Aftershow.
  • Choose To Love by Photonique. This beautiful pop song perfectly fits this dating reality show. 
  • Do not give up on us by Daniel Brecher and Rinat Arinos. The song has a beautiful but sad melody. But it’s also emotion in love. 
  • A little more by Nineoneone. This pop song is in the album Future Funk of Nineoneone released in 2018.
  • Turn It Up by Raphael Lake. It’s the closing ending song that you hear at the end of each episode.
  • Instagram by Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, David Guetta, & more, remixed by Bassjackers. This song is played in the first trailer of this show.

These are some beautiful songs used in the hottest dating reality show on Netflix now. You can find and give more song titles in the comments to contribute to this Too Hot To Handle song list of us. To update the latest entertainment news, let’s visit our website. Here, we give you the most updated news of Too Hot To Handle.