PUBG Mobile has grown into a massive esports-focused kind of game. Indians have not missed out on the action with multiple personalities that got big through this gaming phenomenon. This includes streamers, content creators, esports professionals, and social media influencers.

Will Indian teams have a chance this year?

Unfortunately, the popularity of PUBG Mobile in India has not translated into the best results in international esports tournaments. If you are an avid follower of the Indian esports scene, you might be feeling frustrated at the current state of affairs.

This is when you should remind yourself of the saying: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. As long as Indian players do not abandon their commitment, every defeat comes with a learning experience. You understand what not to repeat, the flaws of your strategy, and how to deal with uncertainties that arise.

Coming into 2020, Indian teams have gotten a better sense of cohesion and executing instructions. But most importantly, hope springs eternal. So, let’s have a look at 5 current teams that can carry the hopes of millions of dedicated Indian followers.

1. Entity Gaming

Roster: GHATAK, Jonathan, Neyooooo, Clutchgod, ZGOD

The guys from Entity Gaming are shaking things up in domestic competitions, but it doesn’t stop there. On the international scene, Entity Gaming achieved the 5th ranking in the PMCO Fall Split: Globals and took the top spot in the regionals as well.

The maestro of the team, GHATAK, is allowing Clutchgod and ZGOD to break through while he stays as the 5th player and a mentor. JONATHAN and Neyooooo continue to rain hellfire on their opponents with their exceptional fragging abilities that few can measure up. The team’s aggression and hard-hitting style should catch quite a few by surprise in upcoming international competitions.

2. Fnatic

Roster: Sc0utOP, Ash, Ronak, Owais, Paritosh

Here is another band of brothers with a lot of potentials to take on global challenges. When it comes to LAN experience Fnatic has plenty of it and can put it to the test. Having Ash as support allows Fnatic to find the right combination of all-out aggression and meticulous gameplay.

Sc0utOP has already announced the team’s intention to sweep the global competitions in 2020, with the grand prize being the PEC 2020. His announcements showcase a team that won’t be stopping until the prizes start coming home. Fnatic’s hopes and dreams can rely on the determination and positivity of Sc0utOP to carry them through.

3. SynerGE Gaming

Roster: majoralpha, shryder, Vashu, seervi

This team has been making some noise in the domestic competitions and got a PEC invite in 2019 for their efforts. SynerGE has yet to make their mark on the international scene, but they are still a capable cohort thanks to the efforts of shryder and seervi with their gun-blazing styles.

SynerGE did well at the PUBG Mobile Club Open: Fall Split and landed at a respectable 3rd place. Their organizer, Global Esports entered the mobile scene in 2018 and has been responsible for forming the rosters. Right now the organization has 2 other rosters for competing in PUBG Mobile:

SynerGE Retribution: Godkill, Curio, Must, Hitman, Sherlock

SynerGE Apprentice: Goldblade, Destro, austinX, Law

4. TeamIND

Roster: Kratos, Snax, Trance, Slayer, and LUCIFER

The organizer of Team IND, Insidious Esports, is a name that has been in esports for some time. Their current roster continues the tradition by qualifying for the Fall Split Global Prelims and did well at other international competitions.

Despite having lost Sc0utOP to Fnatic and Daljit to Orange Rock, the remaining members aren’t slowing down. Kratos and Trance continue fulfilling the hard-hitting roles while Slayer and Snax do their business from afar. Last but not least, LUCIFER completes the roster with his support.

5. Team SouL

Roster:  Mortal, Viper, ReGaLToS, AMAN, Sangwan

The SouL boys are some of the most popular PUBG Mobile figures in India right now in the truest sense. One of them, Mortal, has garnered close to 4 million subscribers on YouTube alone. SouL has been taking the domestic circuit by storm in the last couple of years. Their championship in the Mobile India Series last year is a testament to that.

Their achievements have been quite consistent across the boards. For example, SouL triumphed at the Spring Split Regional Finals and made the Global Finals several times. Viper and Mortal’s LAN experience will be put to good use to make greater breakthroughs at a global level.

SouL’s latest induction, Sangwan, won the PMAS Finals during his time with Fnatic. As an experienced in-game leader for SouL, he should continue to pave new grounds for his current team.