Before Game Of Thrones, there are lots of Hollywood movie series to rock the netizens via hot scenes. Many of these movies are even hotter than adult movies. The following Hollywood hot movie series list will provide you some of such movies.

Now, let take a quick look at this list with to get what they are. You may have watched a few on this hot movies Hollywood names list.

Top Hollywood Hot Movie Series List

Spartacus: Blood And Sand

Via 13 episodes on Starz, Spartacus: Blood And Sand has become a familiar trademark to film fans in love with the historical genre. Inspired by Thracian gladiator Spartacus Before Christ, the movie series also makes a strong impression on the global audience due to its hot scenes, especially actresses’ bare breast scenes.

Spartacus Blood And Sand
Spartacus: Blood And Sand.

If you have ever watched Spartacus: Blood And Sand, you may remember some fighting scenes in which actors are even completely nude. Of course, there are also lots of brutal scenes making the series unsuitable for young audiences.

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The comedy-drama TV series has a lot in common with other renowned movies that deploy men’s midlife crisis such as Lost In Translation, The Descendants, and Last Tango In Paris. The main character in Californication is Hank Moody - a novelist who has lots of trouble in his daily life, regardless of his happy little family.

After seven years of its release, the series has remained its huge attraction to the audience. It manages to depict complicated changes in philosophy, especially in sexual issues in the character Hank Moody. That's why Californication occupies a spot on the Hollywood hot movie series list in Hindi.


Although its first season was just released last year, the audience can’t forget the impressive scenes in Euphoria in which characters live in a world full of drugs, sexuality, social networks, and psychological plagues of humankind in this century.


Like the American version of Israel’s original series, Euphoria doesn’t definitely hesitate to show sensitive scenes such as a scene in which tens of naked actors in the changing room. It is said that season 2 of this series promises to consist of shocking plots.

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True Blood

A few years ago, almost all film fans used to watch or at least, hear about True Blood as one of the hot Hollywood movie list YouTube. At that time, the fantasy-horror genre didn’t draw lots of attention as it is now. Another notable factor that helped True Blood gain fame was because it was released at the same time with The Twilight saga.

The once-popular TV series revolves around a fictional story about a new kind of blood called True Blood that can help vampires rebirth. It consists of a series of fights between humans and vampires to survive.


Although Banshee is an action TV series, hot scenes seem to be a vital key to help this US series win the hearts of the global audience, especially the US audience. Via 38 episodes in 4 seasons, Banshee mentions a story of an ex-con who always tries to do crimes but is still obsessed with his black past.

Hot scenes in Banshee can make many of the viewers go blush because it barely depicts the physical beauty of the actresses ranging from bar dancers to Lucas’ lover.


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Black Sails

Inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, the series focuses on depicting a pirate band in the Bahamas who becomes a great threat to small traders. They rape women while men are sold as slaves in other countries.

Although Black Sails won some awards for the TV series, the critics seemingly didn’t give praise to it. This series doesn’t get high appreciation due to its unimpressive script, regardless of its eye-catching visual effects.


Shameless is considered as the longest teenage series to date with 9 seasons and 110 episodes. Season 10 was scheduled to release in early November; however, it is now postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And it must be on the Hollywood hot movie series list 2020.

Although it doesn’t consist of blood or horror scenes, this series is not suitable for the young audience due to its hot scenes. Shameless tells a story of a family including a drunk father and six children. They have to do everything to earn life but all still desire happiness.

Above are some of the top Hollywood hot movie series list you should try. They all include lots of hot scenes; however, no one can deny their huge attraction. Let’s keep updating the latest news and movies on the Movies section at!