This year, many of us will have to celebrate Halloween at home, to be safe from the pandemic that is still raging across the world. For this occasion, we will be looking at the top 10 Horror TV Series on Netflix so you can get your required dose of horror and suspense for Halloween.

Horror TV Series On Netflix: Top 10 Options To Watch This Halloween

Perhaps you have not been freaked out enough by what's been happening this year and need more fright nights. So now you are looking for the best Horror TV series on Netflix to help quench your thirst.

If you enjoy horror stories that involve witches, zombies, and a lot of adrenaline spread throughout several episodes that hook you from the beginning, then this selection of Horror TV shows on Netflix is for you. Without further ado, here are the top 10 best Best Horror TV shows on Netflix you should watch this week:

Top 10 Horror TV Series on Netflix to Watch This Halloween Under Lockdown

1. Marianne

This French Horror TV Series on Netflix even made Stephen King into a fan. It will remind you why witches are too cool to become your worst nightmare. The story brings you the story of the young horror novel writer, Emma Larsimon, who is tormented in her dreams by a demonic presence. After a mysterious visit, Emma realizes that the sorceress has long been in the mortal world.

You have to see it for yourself because it has that gloomy feeling and special effects that will play with your emotions. It only has one season of eight episodes, so you are sure to devour it in one sitting.

2. Ghoul

This horror series, starring Radhika Apte, takes place in a prison in India where strange phenomena of demonic tinge have permeated. All this occurred after the arrival of a prisoner at a clandestine military interrogation center. What happens when neither inmates nor guards can escape the demons that are not of this world?

3. Haunted

In case you prefer horror stories told in the style of a paranormal reality show, then check out this Netflix series in a similar format that presents the paranormal events combined with dramatizations of the story. You have to see it if you enjoy listening to and reading horror stories because it is also a different concept from paranormal reality programs.

4. The Mist

The Mist is a series based on a 1980 Stephen King novel of the same. It is interesting because it is full of mysterious fearsome creatures who hide behind a mist that descends on a small town in Maine, USA.

Maybe you already know the story, so don't expect a lot of fidelity to the novel. However, you will find the different approach to human nature interesting when a group of people finds themselves locked up because of the horror caused by the mysterious mist.

5. The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House is an adaptation of the 1959 novel by Shirley Jackson, which is inspired by several real cases of supernatural phenomena. It focuses on a family who have to face the horrible memories of living in a haunted mansion, where they have to reunite after a tragedy.

If you enjoy Haunting of Hill House, then don't forget that the series already has a sequel, The Haunting of Bly Manor.

6. The Walking Dead

The series based on Robert Kirkman's comics, which you can watch as a Horror TV Series on Netflix, was one of the most important zombie tales of recent years and is very close to coming to an end. And there's no better time to watch it for the first time than now.

Police officer Rick Grimes awakens from a coma in an abandoned hospital and soon realizes that the world is no longer as he knew it as it has been devastated by a zombie apocalypse. The officer will have to lead a group of people who are fighting to survive the hordes of zombies on the outskirts of the city of Atlanta.

Thus begins one of the series that marked the age of television in recent years. On Netflix, you can watch until season 9, but on AMC, they are already broadcasting the last episodes of season 10. The end of the series will arrive with season 11 that includes 24 action-packed episodes.

7. Black Summer

"Just when you think there’s no more scare left in zombies, THIS comes along", Stephen King tweeted about Black Summer. Here you have the Horror TV Series on Netflix alternative to The Walking Dead which even Stephen King raves about.

In Black Summer, Rose is separated from her daughter right in the first moments of the zombie apocalypse while they were being evacuated to a military base. The story is told in a serious and chilling way and it will be returning for a second season.

8. Stranger Things

Young Will Byers mysteriously disappears in the town of Hawkins. As his friends and family search for him, strange events begin to take place involving a series of experiments that have apparently opened the door to another dimension.

It is true that the series points more towards science fiction, but the first season has that dark feeling that will give you several moments of terror and suspense.

9. Ash vs. Evil Dead

Here is a fun and exciting option to spend a Halloween that has surely been full of offal, viscera, and supernatural beings so far. Led by the famed protagonist played by Bruce Campbell, Ash vs. Evil Dead is a series that contains the best of the iconic horror movies by Sam Raimi in a self-aware way.

10. Castlevania

Did you think this list would forget about vampires? For something a bit different about the blood-sucking immortal beings, here is an American-made Horror TV Series on Netflix anime inspired by the legendary Konami video game from 1989.

Directed by Sam Deats and produced by Frederator Studios, Castlevania is about a vampire hunter who wants to save a small town that is tormented by Dracula's savage beasts. You have to see it because it is one of the best productions when it comes to transferring video games to the world of anime.

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