Johnny Depp is a famous male star in Hollywood with a fascinating appearance and excellent performance. He has been successful in many famous films such as series Pirates of the Caribbean (2003 – 2011), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), Edward Scissorhands (1990), etc. Recently, he has had some scandals and legal problems with his ex-wife – the actress Amber Heard. Although this matter is still controversial, he still has high-quality projects. Johnny Depp upcoming movies: Minamata (2020) and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3 (2021) will mark his return on the cinema screen. This post will show you what is desirable in Johnny Depp upcoming movies.

1. Johnny Depp new movie 2020: Minamata

Minamata is a film based on the book with the same name “Minamata” written by Aileen Mioko Smith and W. Eugene Smith. Andrew Levitas is the stage director and Johnny Depp stars as the character of a war photographer named W. Eugene Smith.

Depp Minamata
Johnny Depp as photographer W. Eugene Smith in Johnny Depp new movie 2020: Minamata
  • A brief overview of Johnny Depp new movie 2020: Minamata

The movie’s background is in Minamata, Japan in 1970. W. Eugene Smith (Johnny Depp) used to be a well-known reporter in World War II. However, currently, he is obsessed with present indignations and personal inferiority. Being treated coldly by his children and lack of money, Smith implores the Editor of Life magazine, Bob Hayes (Bill Nighy), to give him a job opportunity. Hayes refuses strongly his request.

One day, Aileen (Minami) - a Japanese translator meets Smith. She hopes that he can help her expose the conspiracy of Chisso, a large chemical corporation in Japan. This corporation is poisoning the water near Minamata coastal village by discharging mercury in the water. Many people who live there get a strange disease named “Minamata disease” and they are dying.

Minamata Film
Aileen (Minami) and W. Eugene Smith (Johnny Deep) in movie Minamata

After knowing this, Smith quickly enters Hayes’s office and declares his determination to reveal the whole truth.

All the documents used in Minamata are real photos taken by couple Aileen Mioko Smith and W. Eugene Smith – authors of the book “Minamata”. They had lived in Minamata town at the time when the mercury poisoning happened.

Minamata Real Photo
A real photo was taken by couple Smith which is used as documents for the film Minamata
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The film was showed the first time on February 21, 2020, at the Berlin International Film Festival 2020 and received many positive comments from experts. You can watch the following official clip of Johnny Depp new movie 2020: Minamata as the trailer:

The stage director – Andrew Levitas says that Johnny Depp played a very important role in the success of this movie. He had not only well-performed as the main character but also participated in producing the film. Moreover, his kindness and passion for cinema promoted everyone in the film crew to work hard.

The performance of Johnny Depp in this film is also highly appreciated. Johnny Depp next movie: Minamata is expected to bring the audience lots of emotions and impressions.

2. Another one of Johnny Depp upcoming movies: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3 (2021)

Johnny Depp played the role of the primary antagonist Gellert Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald which was released in 2018. After writer J.K. Rowling announced the project of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3, there have been some rumors saying that Johnny Depp could not appear in this part. The reason is his legal problems with Amber Heard. Many fans hope that he could rapidly demonstrate his purity. On the contrary, lots of people boycott this Hollywood star for having beaten his ex-wife.

However, the fantastic performance of Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beasts part 2 could not be denied. Therefore, finally, the Warner Bros has officially confirmed the return of Johnny Depp in a very important role in Fantastic Beasts part 3.

Fantastic Beasts 3
Fantastic Beasts 3 – one of Johnny Depp upcoming movies

In movie Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, the plot focused on the battle between the two greatest wizards – Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald. Part 3 will continue the story between Gellert Grindelwald (Depp) and Credence Barebones (Ezra Miller).

In Fantastic Beasts 3, the background will be moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The plot of this movie is still kept secret, but writer J.K. Rowling reveals that Steve Kloves also participates in writing the plot. Steve Kloves is the plot writer of one of eight parts of the series “Harry Potter”, and he has received many compliments in filmizing this famous novel collection of J.K. Rowling. Therefore, it is not amazing if Johnny Depp's upcoming movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3” becomes a blockbuster in 2021. The release date of this movie is in November 2021.

In spite of current scandals, Johnny Depp is still an excellent actor in Hollywood. We hope that Johnny Depp upcoming movies would bring us unforgettable experiences like his recent ones. Johnny Depp upcoming movies and other new movies are always updated in the Movies section of