You may not know that Joaquin Phoenix was chosen to make an appearance as Batman in a standalone film project of superhero Batman.

Joker Vs Batman
What's going on if Joaquin Phoenix made an appearance as Batman? It sounds great!

In 2019, Joaquin Phoenix was recognized via a series of awards ceremonies, including the Oscars due to his Joker character in the movie “Joker”. With his talented acting, he seems to be born to play the killer clown. Many may be surprised that he almost became superhero Batman.

In an interview with Empire on April 19, the famous director Darren Aronofsky revealed that in 2000, Warner Bros Pictures hired him to take on a project of Batman. Black Swan’s director wanted Joaquin Phoenix to feature the Dark Knight but the Pictures had another idea: Warner Bros wanted to invite Freddie Prinze Jr. - the star of I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Joker Almost Become Batman
It seems that nobody can deny Joaquin's talent.

Darren Aronofsky had a plan to make a dark movie and that’s why he chose Joaquin Phoenix. He said that Warner Bros and he seemed to make two completely different movies. That was true but in a different period. The Batman he wrote was obviously different from the one created by the Pictures.

Finally, Warner Bros and Darren Aronofsky couldn’t find a common voice. The project of Batman was moved to Christopher Nolan - the director who managed to make the legendary triology of The Dark Knight.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker
A "Joker" with lots of fierce emotions.

However, the greatest thing is that Joaquin Phoenix has still had a destiny with DC Comics. Although he couldn’t become Batman, it is undeniable that he is obviously the most impressive “Joker” - the most terrifying enemy of Batman. The Joker movie must be one of the most successful movies in his acting career.