According to the Deadline, Michael Bay is one of the producers for “Songbird”. Sitting on the director's chair is Adam Mason. The screenplay will be co-created by Mason and Simon Boyes based on the current Coronavirus pandemicSongbird will take place in the near future, probably in 2022, in a fantasy world where the coronavirus has mutated and prolonged quarantine has created negative consequences causing society to fall into a new crisis.

Micheal Bay direct Songbird explosion
Michael Bay is known in the film industry as the "King of Explosions"

Prior to Songbird, Covid-19 was narrated on the screen of “Corona”. The independent film has been perfected since before many countries declared quarantine policies. However, Michael Bay's project will be the first to be shot in Los Angeles while the state has yet to lift the distancing.

Micheal Bay direct Songbird thriller
Songbird will Bay's first attempt in the thriller genre

Songbird's presentation is thought to be similar to the two series “Paranormal Activity” and “Cloverfield”. Michael Bay's film will likely be a series of video calls made by a group of people who are split up in different places - a typical format of the found footage genre. The film will start shooting once the scenes are set, and actors won't have face to face interaction during the process.

Micheal Bay direct Songbird scene
Songbird is expected to be a found-footage movie, recording the conversations between individuals amidst crisis

Rumors also revealed that Songbird wouldn’t have a supernatural element, but the panic and conspiracy theories in the community would spark violent violence in the film. This incident may be an opportunity for Michael Bay to showcase his strength in staging explosion scenes.

Micheal Bay direct Songbird stage
The movie is at the very first stage and scheduled to shoot in Los Angeles in 5 weeks

The production stage of “Songbird” is at its earliest stages, as the plot still remains a secret, and casting for the main cast is underway. “Songbird” may succeed to satisfy the audience’s curiosity about a darker and more chaotic than the version of reality we’re experiencing.