A spin-off film of the game Monster Hunter by Capcom is being developed. Of course, this news may sound pretty interesting for a lot of us who have known and played the series. However, there are few things can really worry the real fans of the games. First, the film is created upon Capcom's production, while Paul Anderson is directing it. Not to mention his wife Mila Jovovich will also appear in the cast. If you don't know or have forgotten, that's the destruction formula of the not-so-successful Resident Evil film versions.

And then, while the series of events in the film happen in the fantasy as well as the real world, the premiere set images of it didn't really satisfy the fans since it doesn't look similar to the games.

Mila Jovovich Set Image
Recently uploaded set image by Mila Jovovich on Twitter.

However, we can still have some slight hope as Paul Anderson has explained some things about his project in a recent interview.

While the interview was mainly about Origin, a series by Youtube Premium in which Anderson was the director of the first 2 episodes, the guy did mention the progressing Monster Hunter film. At the point when gotten some information about his commonality of the franchise as entire, Paul uncovered that he's been insightful of the franchise for around a whole decade, and turned into a fan before it even became greatly known by westerners. He called the film a passion and showed love toward it. That sounds like something to expect for, isn't it?

The original characters and monsters will still appear in the film

Whenever inquired as to whether characters originating in the game would show up, Paul affirmed that they definitely will. Those include The Admiral, The Handler, Aiden, Aiden's Handler, and even Palicoes. These are "fresh characters" from the recent entry Monster Hunter: World. Of course, the film will star some of the older characters as well. However, Anderson also implied that he conceives that OK as the Monster Hunter franchise vigorously include characters that necessities to become the overwhelming focus rather than already familiar characters such as Jill Valentine or Lara Croft.

Anderson ensured that besides the new monster, the film won't forget the older monsters of the series and he hopes the enthusiasts of the series will find satisfied. He also promised to encourage newer fans who have just played the newest entry will also feel eager to find out more about it while looking at these incredible monsters.

Concerning the monsters highlighted inside the film, most should come from Monster Hunter: World. However, the film will star some great monster originated from prior entries of the series also. According to Anderson, he would not like to make any fresh new monsters on the grounds that there was a lot of extraordinary material to reuse.

In spite of the fact that there are chances that the film could be under expectation, these remarks do at any rate demonstrate that Paul Anderson has some similarity to learning and regard for the project. As the most promising case, he won't mess everything up as he did with Resident Evil movies. Only time will tell when we finally get the chance to watch the film all by ourselves.

The release date of the movie is still unknown at the moment.

This isn't the only video game movie adaptation underway at the moment either. Capcom is at present taking a shot at a film dependent on Mega Man, a Sonic motion picture is being recorded, and Ubisoft is building up a movie dependent on Werewolves Within and also a TV show adjusting Child of Light.