Fans of Marvel’s Comic book movie apparently haven’t seen the last of Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark on the big screen. Although the character gave his life in the final part of Marvel’s Avenger, his connection to the MCU and all its members live on. This year, Robert Downey Jr would make yet another appearance during Black Widow’s solo movie. This would probably be just a cameo, as RDJ’s appearance probably cost too much for Marvel to handle.

Scarlett Johansson Robert Downey Jr Black Widow Ir
Scarlett Johansson's first appearance in Iron Man 2, as Tony Stark's secretary

The guy’s salary is pretty much twenty percent budget of the movies. He earned about 50 million dollars for the first Avenger, 80 million for Age of Ultron, 75+ million for Endgame, 10 million for just a few scenes in Spider-Man Homecoming… According to various rumors, the reason behind Iron Man’s sacrifice in Endgame is because Disney Marvel can’t afford to pay him with his ever-increasing rate anymore.

Robert Downey Jr To Comeback As Tony Stark In Blac
It is actually pretty weird that the two characters appeared in this movie are already dead in Canon

Black Widow would probably be the last time we get to see those characters on the big screen….until everything is rebooted, which would be years in the future. The movie would be about Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow Natasha Romanoff and her back story. This movie has been on high demand from the fans ever since the first Avenger movie – and it should have been released prior to her heroic ending in Endgame. The events of the movie occur between Captain America: Civil War and Avenger: Infinity War – that is the reason why Tony Stark was able to make a cameo.

Below are some of the most notable details that were revealed in the final trailer of Black Widow:

1 – The red room

Black Widow
All the female assassins in the Red Room

Before becoming an Avenger, Natasha was trained in “the Red Room”, a training/brainwashing facility that creates female assassins/spy or professional killers. She was saved from this organization by Hawkeye, however, quite a mess was left behind when she departs.

In this movie, Black Widow would come back to where everything started and take down the Red Room, along with its leader, Taskmaster, in order to save others from becoming like her.

2 – Taskmaster

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Taskmaster and his chromed face

It is actually pretty weird that Marvel picked Taskmaster as the villain for Black Widow’s solo movie, as the guy pretty much shared any history with Black Widow or the Red Room itself. Maybe he was selected because of his power level – with Black Widow being just a normal trained person, anything with a strong superpower would be pretty much out of her league.

Copycat power - the guy would have a lot of the ability of the Avengers

Taskmaster’s power is to replicate the fighting style of any character in the Marvel universe, with the power of his photographic memory.

3 – How everything combines together to create a plotline

Black Widow Movie How Red Guardian Compares To Mar
Red Guardian was the Soviet version of Captain America

It is likely that Taskmaster has taken over the red room for himself to create his private assassin army by imbuing all of them with his power. To take them down, Natasha has to assemble her previous team.

4 – Cameo from Tony Stark and other members of the Avenger

With this movie occurring after CA: Civil War, in which Black Widow was on Tony’s side, his cameo is more or less justified. As Hawkeye was another big part of her backstory, we might get to finally know what “Budapest” was all about.

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