Free Guy - the upcoming action-comedy that stars Ryan Reynolds is set to hit the theaters later this year. The sci-fi action movie which is said to revolve around a world mix of video games like Free Fire, PUBG, and GTA also features superstar streamers like Ninja and Pokimane as cameos. So what to expect from this much-anticipated movie, stay tuned for more details.

Directed by Shawn Levy, the 20th-century studio’s comedic actioner promises to be a fun ride with action-packed excitement. Adopting the concept of The Truman Show, the movie revolves around a bank clerk (played by Ryan Renold), whose life turns upside down upon finding out his actual identity as a video game’s non-play character. Taking place in a simulated location called “Free city”.

Free Guy
Ryan Reynolds Free Guy poster

From the Deadpool superstar

As the leading actor, Ryan Reynolds caught everyone’s attention when referring “Free Guy” as his favorite movie that he’s ever done. Best-known for the Deadpool franchises, this statement definitely amazed many movie buffs. Therefore, it’s reasonable that not only his fans have high hopes for this upcoming comedic actioner.

Apart from the superstar of Deadpool, Free Guy’s cast also include several prominent names including Lil Rey Howery from "Get Out," Joe Keery from “Stranger things” and Taika Waititi - the director of "Thor: Ragnarok".

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He will be seen next to Jodie Comer in the leading roles

The movie follows Guy (Ryan Reynolds) on his journey of unveiling the truth about the cynical world that he’s living in. As he gains awareness of reality, Guy commits himself to become the biggest hero of the city.

The simulated “Free City”, where Guy lives in, is a compound of skydiving, military, and dancing aesthetic signified in renowned video games like PUBG, GTA, and Free Fire. Just like what the open-world action genre enables players to do, “Free city” players are able to vandalize and screw things up without restrains. For its virtual city-dwellers, hold-ups and banks heists are just parts of daily occurrence.

Ryan Reynolds Free Guy
Ryan Reynolds, Pokimane and the cast of the film

To most famous gamers

To fully capture the essence of the gaming world, the movie features multiple famous video game personalities and streamers. Appearing in supporting roles or cameos will mót famous streamers in the world Imane Anys (Pokemaine), Tyler Blevins (aka Ninja), Lannan Eacott (LazarBeam) and Sean McLoughlin (Jacksepticeye).

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While waiting for the film to release, take a look at the official trailer of Free Guy right here:

According to its original release slate, audiences were supposed to be able to watch the movie on July 3. However, in response to the unexpected coronavirus pandemic, Free guy’s premiere date has been reshuffled to December 11.

The man behind “Free Guy” creative screenplay is Matt Lieberman, who revealed that he actually co-write with Ryan Reynolds to complete the final script. He also complimented Reynold’s writing talent and his sense of humor, saying “Ryan had a good sense of that character and where he should start and where he should go and added a lot of funny stuff.”