After a rocky period between Marvel and Sony, the company that owns the rights to Spider-Man, looks like everything has come back to normal and Spider-Man 3 is going full speed ahead. While there are not many details available yet, Holland is apparently very enthusiastic about yet another movie. While he hasn’t revealed much of the specifics, he did confirm that Zendaya’s Mary Jane is going to be part of the sequel. Their exact relationship is unclear, however. In the previous movie, Far From Home, Peter Parker and M.J managed to kick off their romance after dealing with the chaos caused by Mysterio’s shenanigan.

The movie then ends with something unexpected: Mysterio’s final trick up his sleeve has revealed the secret identity of Spider-Man to the world. This, in turn, created one of the biggest cliffhangers in the history of the MCU.

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Tom Holland and Zendaya at Far From Home Premiere

According to various sources, due to his secret identity getting revealed, all the villains in the city are coming out for Spidey’s blood. Apparently, Kraven and Scorpion would be the main villain of the movie, with Kingpin and Bullseye being a part of the supporting cast. Looks like Marvel is going in a unique direction in order to showcase villains that have never appeared in a Spider-Man movie before (the Sinister Six).

Ultimate Kraven
Kraven vs Spidey in comics

Kraven is amongst the most iconic in Spidey’s rogue gallery – but due to the fact that he is a little bit campy, the guy has been sidelined in movies until now. He is a big game hunter, specialized in multiple types of weapons, traps, and poisons – the guy considers Spider-Man to be the final prey for him to hunt. Scorpion is not nearly as exciting – the guy is pretty much Spidey’s counterpart, but instead of a spider, he was infected with the power of a Scorpion. Kingpin and Bullseyes are not really Spider-Man villains – they are Daredevil’s, and that is probably the reason why those characters are going to support only.

Scorpion's designs in Spider-Man game on the PS4

It is not sure how Spider-Man would be able to regain his secret identity back, or would he just going public similar to his mentor, Iron Man.

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