Stan Lee's cameo in superhero movies has become a tradition in Marvel's series and movies. Many of the fans wowed when seeing the footage of "the one that created it all" in the movie. Although it is a very small moment, only seconds but extremely valuable, leaving many memories and special in the heart of the viewer.

On the other hand, Sam Raimi, director of Spider-Man in 2002, Spider-Man 2, and Spider-Man 3 did not support Stan Lee 's appearance in Spider-Man.

Director Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi was accepted to be a director of Spider-Man in 1999 and Avi Arad (Marvel Head) proposed bringing Stan Lee into the film. Raimi claimed that Stan Lee was a talented man but he could not act.

Avi Arad said that they had made Stan Lee appear in the X-Men movie and they also wanted to portray the character in other films.

At that time Sam Raimi was just a director and when asked to put the writer in the movie, he must follow. He said, 'Fine, you want Shakespeare in the play, I'll put Shakespeare in the play.' However, Raimi later revealed that Stan Lee's appearance had become one of his favorite scenes in the film.

Sam Raimi was acquainted with Stan Lee in the early 90's when the creator contacted Raimi and said that he liked Darkman. Then Lee and Raimi go out to eat and talk about their cooperate. Then they both wrote a script to save Thor movie.

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Stan Lee (left) and Sam Raimi (right)

After that, they sent the script to Fox and they said "Absolutely not. Comic books don't make good movies.” Raimi narrated “This was in 1991."

As time passed, Stan Lee's cameo on all the Marvel movies has become something all the moviegoers are waiting for. Some people even said that "Without his (Stan Lee) cameo, a Marvel movie does not feel right anymore."