Time travel and time blending are what humans have desired for many years and become a familiar topic in dozens of Hollywood movies. However, scientists haven’t yet known how to turn these concepts into reality, every detail in movies is just based on the limitations of the human imagination. If you are a big fan of the newly-released film Tenet, you shouldn’t miss the following top 5 mind-twisting movies that will blow your mind!


With the tight budget of $7,000, director Shane Carruth had no choice but did multitask as a screenwriter, producer, music creator, and even the lead role in Primer. No one may imagine that the 77-minute movie managed to become one of the best time travel movies of all time.

Primer revolves around two engineers including Aaron (Shane Carruth) and Abe (David Sullivan) who create a machine to reverse the time. However, during the time travel, the original versions aren’t allowed to meet their other versions to avoid creating paradoxes. And therefore, they gain lots of profits by foreknowing share prices.


However, the more they use the machine, the more side effects there are. For example, Abe becomes more and more cautious and controllable while Aaron tends to be more impulsive. Furthermore, their entities in the past and in the future gradually do whatever they want, regardless of their initial regulations.


Predestination starts when writer John (Sarah Snook) comes to a bar and has a talk about his past with the bartender (Ethan Hawke). Born female, John or Jane (in the past) was intersex - that means she has both female sex organs and internalized male sex organs. A chain of tragedies happens, causing her transgender after she bears her child. Meanwhile, the baby gets lost mysteriously. And then, the real identity of John, the bartender, and an organization that prevents time-traveling criminals have gradually been revealed.

It’s not hard to comprehend the plot in Predestination if you focus on following the stories of all characters. Directors Michael and Peter Spierig succeeded in connecting little details of characters to form a close time loop in predestination.



Triangle has the same opening to other horror movies with a low budget when Jess (Melissa George) and her friends start a boat trip. When a storm suddenly approaches, they accidentally find out a deserted marine ship. Right after discovering the ship, they have to face a series of mysteries.

That’s not all. Members are hunted and killed by a stranger until Jess discovers a terrible truth. The audience gradually realizes that Triangle turns out to be an endless time loop in which both the murderer and victims become the characters in a non-stop slaughter.



Looper is set in a future world in which the time-traveling technology has developed more powerfully than ever. Crime bosses send the victims back to the past so that Looper’s killers terminate on purpose to remove all possible traces and evidence. However, these killers, after 30 years, will be also pushed to the past and killed by their own younger entities in a bid to close the time loop.

Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is one of Looper’s killers until he lets his older entity (Bruce Willis) escape. At that time, their memories start to overlap and create new branches. Old Joe has to protect the young version to avoid both being killed while hunting enemies by his all skills.


Terminator: Dark Fate

It may be unnecessary to talk a lot about Terminator - a classic series that has successfully combined action and time travel factors for many years. Apart from eye-catching fight scenes, the loop relationship of the lead characters is the main reason for fans to watch this movie again and again. Kyle Reese is sent back to the past by John Connor to protect his mother Sarah Connor. Meanwhile, Kyle accidentally becomes his teammate’s father in the future.

Newly-released Terminator: Dark Fate has a few in common when Grace (Mackenzie Davis) traveled back to the past to save Danni (Natalie Reyes). In the future, a mature Danni is the one to save and bring up little Grace. It is also the complicated relationship between the lead character (David John Washington) and Neil (Robert Pattinson) in Tenet.

Terminator Dark Fate
Terminator: Dark Fate.

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