The original animated Teen Titans was confirmed to return by Warner Bros in 2019. Although it is not the sixth season a lot of fans dream of, it still has received much attention from the Teen Titans community.

The original Titans we all know and love

Teen Titans is a superhero series based on DC Comics. It is one of the most popular animated series, especially in the 2000s. No kids can forget the adventures against bad guys with Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Cyborg when it was screened on Cartoon Network. Not just the animated version with Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go!, this iconic franchise even has a live-action version and that is a reason why fans want the original to come back.

Warner Bros absolutely doesn’t want to disappoint their audiences and they revealed a hint on the mid-credits scene of Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. In that scene, you can see that the original Teen Titans team is trying to find the way back while being trapped somewhere. Sadly, this is everything we know up to now.

An upcoming Crossover?!


However, earlier this week, a teaser that mixes the opening of Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! was leaked online. This teaser is supposed to be in Go! To the Movies Blu-ray and DVD that is intended to be released next week but luckily we have a chance to watch it sooner. This is called Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans project.

There can be a crossover between Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go!, or just some special episodes which reveal that the team has found their way back, or may be a hint for a sixth season. Well, the studio hasn’t shown any clues about this until now but to Teen titans' fans, it is still worth waiting.