Chhapaak is an upcoming movie based on the life of an acid attack survivor named Laxmi Aggarwal. She was attacked by a 32-year-old man named Naeem Khan in 2005. But then she has overcome her cruel fate to become a person who inspires and helps other acid attack survivors.

Chhapaak Official Trailer Deepika Padukone Vikrant
Chhapaak is based on the true story of Laxmi Aggarwal

Over the last few days, the movie Chhapaak has been flamed by thousand of people on Twitter. There were rumors that the name of the acid attacker will be changed from 'Nadeem Khan' to 'Rajesh'. It all started because someone saw the name 'Rajesh' in the cast list in IMDB and thought that it was the name of the attacker in the movie. Lots of people have expressed their anger on Twitter because they thought the director changed the religion of the attacker from Mulism to Hindu. There are a lot of people are boycotting as well as making fun of the movie on Twitter at the moment.

The reaction of one angry user on Twitter

I am here to tell you that all those rumors are not true. According to people who attended the screening of 'Chhapaak', the religion of the attacker isn't changed and his name isn't 'Rajesh' either. His name is actually 'Bashir Khan'.

The truth has been spoken by the people who actually know the real information

So who is 'Rajesh'? He is the boyfriend of Malti, the acid attack survivor in the movie. Everything was just a misunderstanding, but people believed the false information way too quickly, making it a huge mess that didn't help anything. This is a big lesson for those who have quickly believed the false information and spread it like a plague around the internet. People are prone to believe bad news easily and share it with other people. But not everything on the internet is true and people need to think twice before they share anything. This movie is a beautiful love letter to all the acid attack survivors in India and it almost got ruined just by some words flying around on the internet.

Chhapaak will be released tomorrow and it no doubt becomes one of the main highlights of Bollywood in 2020. Try to get some spare time and check out the movie if you can. We are also going to have quite a lot of blockbusters coming this year, you can check out all of them here.